Painting with light

Who Said “To become a more interesting photographer, become a more interesting person”
~ unknown at this time 🙂

Bob Wild from

Fun! “If it ain’t fun it won’t get done.” My Motto

I love to laugh, I love to have fun. Yes, life is about having fun it’s too short not to enjoy yourself. I’ve been accused of having a sarcastic sense of humor, “like me or not”, it’s your choice. Come hangout with me on a photo shoot, be prepared to laugh and have a good time.

Most photographers say that they have a passion for photography, but for me it’s not a passion, but an “Obsession” I either have a camera in my hand, or I’m sitting in front of a computer reviewing, post processing my pictures, or searching the internet for ideas or inspiration.
Hiking, traveling being in the great outdoors is where I want to be, follow me as I bring you stories of those adventures in a funny and humorous way, sit back, relax grab a beer or a coffee go ahead read and enjoy the stories.

I did 23 years in the Canadian Military as an Aircraft Engine Technician then moved onto “Air Canada Technical Services” as an IT Technical Support Personnel. Air Canada Technical Support became Aveos which went bankrupt in 2012 leaving me unemployed. Now we’re onto my 3rd chapter of my adult life Travel Adventure Photography

I’ve even written a book Inside the Maintenance hangar

Interesting things

Photo Awards

2013 DND Photo Contest - 2 Place Macro Photography

2012 DND Photo Contest - 3rd Place Environmental

2012 DND Photo Contest - Honorable mention Advanced Special Effects

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Issue 19 Practical Photoshop

Issue 22 Practical Photoshop

Sept 2011 Photoshop user

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