Be Prepared

Be Prepared

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A hike in the woods

Wet and Wild

“Be prepared!” What does Bob mean? Let me see. I have my camera, a couple of lenses, tripod, and camera bag all set to go. Are we really ready?

I picked up Russell, early one April morning. We headed out into the mountains to do a bit of exploring and photography. Within the first few hours, we found a couple of “not so promising” spots. We kept driving because it was fun being out in the woods. Well, we hit the jackpot. Venturing across a bridge on a logging road, we discovered a gorge with rushing water and a falls. We quickly parked the truck, grabbed our gear, and hiked down the treacherous trail.

As we hiked down the trail, there were several photographic opportunities. Being like-minded photographers, we decided to separate, as the ledges were narrow, and would only accommodate “ONE” photographer with his equipment. I left Russell to his endeavours and trudged further down the path until I arrived at the bottom of the falls. As with many falls, there was a pool at the base. Getting out into the area was going to be a bit of a feat. Wanting to test the ridge and my own dexterity, I left my camera gear behind and headed out to see if I could safely walk across the ridge. Making it to the pool without any difficulties was actually easy. Once there I planned a couple of shots in my mind, then headed back to get my backpack. Now, remember,

Water and Rocks

I had no difficulties getting to the pool of water earlier. I headed back across the ridge with my camera gear and tripod. Somehow I lost my footing! Splash! I was up to my chest in the icy, cold, glacier-fed river, with my camera gear strapped to my back. CRAP! It was cold! Now I’m soaked. Half-swimming, half-walking, I managed to get back to the river bank. Confronted with a god-awful, steep climb back up the trail, I sloshed back to the truck. I went past Russell who was still taking pictures and oblivious to all that happened. (Really Russell! You didn’t hear anything?)
Safely back at the truck, I stripped down to my underwear. Picture this – I’m at the side of the road, 1/2 nude, wringing the water out of my pants, socks, etc. Trying to get as much water out as possible. Drying myself with a dirty old dog towel. Was I prepared? Nope, not even close! Yes, before you ask, normally I travel with spare socks, shoes, pants, first-aid kit, knife, and a flashlight. So before you head out on your next adventure, be prepared for the unexpected. Don’t get caught with your pants down!!

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