Night Photography

Night Photography

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Night Photography

Who Said “After midnight it’s magic time” – Troy Paiva

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Why do we love night photography? Let me count the ways. For me, it’s just plain fun. It offers photographers another opportunity to take great images. What is there to take pictures of you ask? Well!
Let’s start with city lights. Cities come to ‘life’ at night. The lights from the buildings, traffic rolling down the streets, even the street lamps can add a bit of flair to your night photography scene. Taking pictures at night is a bit more challenging than during the day. There is, after all, a lack of light. You might want to invest in a good tripod.
I also suggest a shutter release, as exposures will be longer. I recommend you set your camera’s mirror lock-up as this will help to prevent the camera shaking on the tripod. Not into cities, have no fear while you’re out capturing that perfect sunset. Try silhouettes. Silhouettes are another great creative outlet, an opportunity to expand your photographic arsenal. You do know what a silhouette is. Basically, you’re shooting a subject that’s backlit. Try to keep it simple. Focus on a single subject. For me, silhouettes fall under the “KISS” principle. Keep it simple stupid.

Combine in the night

Now for the camera, if you meter for the subject, the camera will try to expose for the subject, exactly what we don’t want. One trick I learned was to meter for the sky or the brightest part of the image then reposition the camera before clicking the shutter button, and Oh yes, one other thing before I forget, turn your flash off.

I love the drama, mystery that a silhouette conveys, they often leave something to the viewers imagination. They are great fun to shoot and often time the results are spectacular.

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