bad weather photography

bad weather photography

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Campbell River Estuary with ducks

Bad weather tips

Bad weather photography - pier in the fog

Pier in the fog

If the weather is crabby, well, to be honest, we stay indoors. But poor weather should not be a deterrent, in fact, we should embrace it. Okay, I can hear your gears turning. No one likes being cold or wet, but sometimes you just have to make the best of it.
So we just drove 6 hours, the hotel is 200 dollars a night, the forecast is rain or snow. Do you cut your losses and head home or accept the challenge and forge ahead? Take the high road and plan on capturing great images. Bad weather can be a challenge, but it can be very rewarding. We all know or should know how to protect our gear, and there are lots of article and youtube videos on the subject. But here are a few little trick that you may not know.
To keep your batteries charged try placing them in your pocket. Cold batteries die quickly where as warm batteries will last longer and keeping you shooting. Avoid taking your camera and gear in and out of the car or cabin as “you” try to keep warm. I usually place my equipment in the trunk or leave it outside as the warmth may cause condensation, for those of us that wear glasses, we know this all too well. Talking about condensation, carry a couple of lens cloths to help control moisture. Don’t be like me, I did a complete photoshoot with moisture on the outer edge of the UV filter, so now, I often remove the UV Filter.
Keep yourself warm with layers, yes multiple layers of clothing work better than a big bulky sweater. I use inner and

Bad weather photography - Winter on the river

Winter on the river

outer gloves. Outer gloves for warmth with my liner having ridges so that I still move the dials on the camera.
Now we are done shooting for the day, but before heading inside, there are a couple of things you need to do.
1) Remove the memory cards from your camera.
2) Leave your camera and gear in the pack when you get home and let it get climatise for a couple of days.
3) If it is freezing outside, I mean like Winnipeg MB weather, like dude it’s minus twenty or more. Bring along a large green garbage bag. Why? Two reasons now that I think about it. Use the bag to keep yourself dry when sitting or kneeling in the snow or damp ground. At the end of the day place your gear in the bag before heading home, once home leave it for a couple of days. The bag will allow for a much slower warming up period.

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