Ucluelet BC

Ucluelet photography trip

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Ucluelet BC

Ucluelet, Wild Pacific Trail

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”Jacques Yves Cousteau

Scene form Ucluelet BC

Rocky Pacific Coast

It was time to get out of the house I needed to get away for a few days. I packed me, my camera stuff, some clean undies and boogied off to the west coast of Vancouver Island. Time to visit a little town on the Ucluelet Penninsula called what else ‘Ucleutlet’ aka UKee to the locals. I can hear the gears a turning, what’s a Ucluelet? Means’s “people of the safe harbour.”
If you know how to get to Tofino BC, you’re on the right road (Highway 4). Easy peasy, go left at the stop sign, right goes to Tofino. Why Ukee and not Tofino, it’s smaller, the population is about 1700, and for this trip, I wanted to be close to the Wild Pacific Trail. The trail starts by the Ucluelet inlet and travels north along the very rocky picturesque Pacific coastline. It passes through the Big Beach Park, and the hope is that it will be extended all the way to the Pacific Rim National Park, but this could be years away. Even if you’re not a photographer the trip to Ukee, is well worth it. The Wild Pacific Trail is an easy walk with wheelchair access. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella and rain gear as it is a fabulous place for storm watching, and after all, it’s a rainforest, like most of Vancouver Island. Well, at least so far this year it has certainly felt like it, in truth the rain started back in Oct. has not quit :-). There are several viewing platforms overlooking the rugged coastline, and if you’re on the Lighthouse loop portion well, you get to see the lighthouse, but keep your eyes peeled, as whales are often seen swimming past.
Not interested in walking the trails, no problem, there are tons of other activities in this area of the Pacific West Coast, whale watching, sea kayaking, biking, and yes do I dare mention surfing.
In conclusion, I cannot wait to go back there are more to places to visit, and more area’s I want to shoot. If you get the chance by all means, remember to take go left at the stop sign. It will be worth your time.

Rocky Island Ucluelet BC

Rocky Island

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