Who Who let the dogs out

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Who Said:
Dog is man best friend? Frederick II

Why Hike with your best friend

dog photography

Sitting Pretty

She’s absolutely nuts!  Always under your feet!  It takes effort and a keen eye to keep her out of trouble.  She’s chasing: squirrels, birds, anything that moves while we’re hiking.   If there’s a puddle or any water, she’s in it.  One can not move without tripping over her.  She stops in the middle of the path to poop.  But gal-damn it, if I’d leave her at home!  Yup!  Not a chance!  Nope!  Heck no!  Not leaving the house without the dog!  I carry 35+ lbs of camera equipment on the longer hikes.  She has her backpack with her food and treats.  She hears and see’s everything well before I do.

Dog playing frisbee

Play Frisbee with me

She’s my, “EWD”, Early Warning Device. She will see, hear anyone or anything, on the path or in the woods, way before me; which can be good or bad it just depends on the situation and your photography style is. She never every says no to a walk or a hike. There’s never a fight on where or when. She is always willing and waiting to go, even! If I’m not ready or willing, heaven forbids, if she gets out of the house and I leave the truck door open. Boom! She’s in the back seat wanting to go. Nay! Ready to go! Expecting to go! Excited to go! You can see it in her eyes as they droop and the tears start to roll. As you call her back to the house, you get hit with the puppy dog eyes and the question. What?  Are we not going hiking?

The positive certainly outweighs the negative when hiking or just being out with man’s best friend. She never complains when I spend too long in one spot attempting to take that perfect picture, like someone else I Know.  Hint. (” Touch your nose, touch your nose”,  Monty Python.)

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