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Oink Oink falls: a fun photo trip up the mountains

What could be more fun than jumping into your truck and heading down a logging road, looking for places to photograph. On one such trip, we crossed a bridge and heard that familiar sound of rushing water. We stopped, looked, and quickly grabbed the camera gear.

Honestly, we found this place by accident.

Oink Oink waterfalls may not be the most beautiful or the tallest waterfall you will find on Vancouver Island. But what makes it special is it is easy to get to. Just a hop, skip and a jump from Campbell River. If you are looking for a quick trip to photograph a waterfall, then Oink Oink waterfalls should be on your list. The falls themselves are not as tall compared to other waterfalls in the area. However, they are more than enough reason for us to include them on our list of photo trips.

What to Expect When Photographing Oink Oink Falls

This lovely area is the ideal place to photograph waterfalls. It can be slippery, so wear proper shoes and check the weather before your trip. Be sure to bring towels if you want to photography the lower bowls. Yup, speaking from experience. Depending on the season crossing the stream can be tricky, but well worth the effort.

How Long Does It Take To Hike to The Falls?

It takes 5 minutes to hike to top of the trail for Oink Oink Falls from the parking lot. It is all down hill from there, and should only take another 15 minutes. The trail is well-marked, and it’s an easy walk. Keep your eyes peeled for the waterfall you’ll know you’re there when you hear the rushing water!

Oink oink falls vancouver island

When Is the Best Time of Year to Visit?

If you’re looking to see Oink Oink Falls, the best time of year to visit is when it’s NOT winter, unless you have a snowmobile. The falls are located in the mountains, and during winter the snow blocks access to the roads.

The best time of year to visit is in the early spring when the snow is melting and the water level is high. You’ll be able to photograph more of that rushing water. Better chance to get the silky white look, and not the milky-white.

What Kind of Terrain Can You Expect When Hiking to Oink Oink Falls?

When hiking to Oink Oink Falls, be prepared for a variety of terrain. The hike starts out on a well traveled path, but it quickly turns into a dirt path that is quite steep in some areas. When you traverse to the bottom of the falls will also have to cross a stream, which can be difficult as the rocks are quite slippery and the stream is quite deep in some places.

Are There Any Dangers to Be Aware of When Visiting Oink Oink Falls?

Yes, there are a few dangers to be aware of when visiting Oink Oink Falls. First and foremost, make sure you are in good shape before attempting the hike; it’s not an easy trek. Second, be careful near the ropes tied around the trees–they’re slippery! Finally, take care when getting close to the falls themselves, as they can be quite dangerous.

History of Oink Oink Falls?

Nobody seems to know for sure how Oink Oink Falls got its name, but there are a few theories. One possibility is that the falls were named after a construction crew who worked on building the road nearby. The workers may have been so impressed by the beauty of the falls that they nicknamed them “Oink Oink.” Another theory is that the name comes from an old hiking couple who passed by the falls often. The husband may have called out to his wife, “Oink oink,” when they spotted the falls from a distance. Still another possibility is that a little girl came up with the name and it caught on. No matter how it got its name, one thing’s for sure: Oink Oink Falls is definitely worth a visit!

How to Get To Oink Oink Falls

The falls are about a 45 minute drive from Campbell River. You will need to keep you head on a swivel if you are going to photograph the falls on a weekday. They may be logging in the area. You will want to take Iron River Road, look for the sign that says “Cranberry lane” off of the inland island highway. Follow the logging road till you round the bend to Piggot main. Keep heading up the main till you come to a large 4 tier intersection. Go left onto Rossiter in about 2 kilometers you will come across a bridge. Voilà

Conclusion – Final Thought

We hope you enjoyed this photo trip up to Oink Oink Falls! For more photography tips, why not spend some time reading our other blogs? 

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