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amateur photographer

Every artist was first an amateur.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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What encourage you to pick up a camera and to take pictures? For me, it was a new challenge, and a chance to create art. So what’s wrong with being an amateur, Nothing!

As an amateur photographer are you less talented than a professional? NOT! I’d say in many cases we have it better. Professionals devote the majority of their time doing what I would call work. Sorry, I don’t consider photography, the actual time taking images work, come-on you know, it’s the fun part, clicking the shutter button. They, the professionals spend time marketing, social media, newspaper ads, writing a blog, tip-tapping away at the computer, and interacting with the customer. As the amateur, anytime I want I can grab my camera bag & head out for a photo-shoot. No strings attached, no pressure to get the picture.
Often for the pro its’ not for themselves, it’s for a client, the client has seen their past work, like what you have done and wants you to duplicate the images again, and again. We as amateurs take photos for ourselves, and it’s the passion that drives us to become better. Would you believe that pictures made for ourselves are better then photo’s we take for others?

Most so called Pro’s don’t have the best or the most expensive equipment. But they have been around long enough to know exactly what they require to accomplish the task at hand. Amateurs can work a nine to five, but the pro, well that wedding is an all day job, sometimes 16 hours or that star-scape shot is going to take all night, and you had to drive, 3 hours to get away from the city. Going pro well, it’s business, and you can kiss the 8 hour day goodbye.
Believe me, when I say not everyone will make it, I’ve seen some great photographers not able to take it to the next level.

Remember two things 1) most Canadian kids dream of playing in the NHL, very few make it. 2) If you love your job, you never work a day in your life.
Dreams never die, just the dreamer, so never give up, push forward, and if it happens you are able to turn pro then, I’m genuinely happy for you.

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