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The ants go marching 2 by 2

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“The ants go marching 2 by 2”By Robert D. Singleton

Law of 2 by 2

Okay, I’ll give you the biggest photography secret that everybody should start with. You have heard of the rule of thirds the Real Meridian and a whole bunch of other rules but have you heard of the “Law of 2 by 2”? Okay, I can already hear you thinking. Is this guy nuts, what does he mean the “Law of 2 by 2”?

Elk Fall Vancouver Island

Elk Fall Vancouver Island

So, how do I know this really works? I was sitting in my photography class. We were doing a critique of all the students images from the previous week’s outing. The pictures I brought were not from the outing but from a weekend shoot that I did on my own. The person next to me leans over and asks, “Can I tag along next weekend?”. At that particular time, I had no plans on going out shooting. The following weekend I contacted her. In the middle of the week, we picked a location that was within a two-hour drive. We went shooting. As she got out of the car, after the shoot, she turned and asked,” Where are we going next weekend?”. My response, “I’ll let you know.”. Now, here’s the funny part! It took me approximately two years before I finally asked her, ” Why are we shooting every weekend?”. Her comment was, “Oh I thought you did.”.

Lost in the water

Flood Waters

The Moral of the story, it’s easier to learn new things if your with someone else, you’ll find yourself feeding/ learning from each other, driving each other to be better to look at things in a different ways. you’ll be amazing at the discussion you will have on photography while being stuck in vehicle while traveling with someone else.

2 by 2 – it really does work!

Dedicated to Kathy Singer, for her non-stop questions on photography in and out of the car which made me think outside the box and become a better photographer, plus her tantalizing conversations as we drove the back roads and parks of Manitoba all within 2 hours of Winnipeg Manitoba.

And in case you have not heard the song

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