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There’s simply no substitute for experience in terms of aviation safety.
Chesley Sullenberger

Back in 2012, I was working for a company called Aveos which was conducting heavy maintenance checks for Air Canada. Then in March, it declared bankruptcy and laid off approximately 2,700 workers in Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Montreal. Lately, there has been a lot of articles written about Air Canada, and how they are scooting around the Air Canada Act that was passed back in 1988. The Quebec government has signed a deal to drop the lawsuit as Air Canada has signed a letter of intent to purchase 75 C-series planes and have the maintenance done in Montreal, but alas this article is not about any of that.
Let the good times roll! I met and worked with some great people, and I prefer to remember the good times, not the bad. I was lucky enough to work in the IT department at Winnipeg where we supported the men and women on the floor repairing the aircraft. To paraphrase Law & Order, these are my stories :-).
Our first story starts with a good friend and a guy who like me, loves to laugh and have fun. Dave Procak (1958 – 2010).

Phase Check

Poor Dave he was often the butt of our jokes in IT. Dave being of the older generation did not grow up with computers and was often timid and used caution when working with them. We knew this and used it to our advantage. One day Dave was having problems with his laptop. The mouse would run across the screen by itself, clicking icons along the way, and opening programs at random. Dave dropped by the office in a huff, and a little perplex as to why the laptop was, let say, had a mind of its own. I looked at Dave with disbelieve, as he explained the issue. He was not about to let the problem go away, so I had to leave my desk and take a look. At his office, I played with the mouse, reset the drivers, shrugged my shoulders and stated “Got me beat Dave, I can not duplicate the issue, seems fine now” and headed back to my desk. A few minutes later I could hear Dave cursing from his office. This time, the CD player was opening and closing on its own. Once again Dave stormed into the room a little upset, as the laptop now seemed to be possessed. I went to look at this strange phenonium. Not able to duplicate or see the issue, I rebooted the laptop and said: “Give that a try, let me know if you see any other problems.” This appeared to satisfy Dave for the moment, after five minutes or so we once again took control of Dave laptop, opened MS Word and typed “GOTCHA” in big bold letters. You see, Yan Dumont snuck into the Customer Service office when Dave was out for coffee and installed remote software with web camera control. The whole office was in on the joke, and Dave took it like the champ he was. You could hear him laughing and a few choice words throughout the hallway. Ahh, that was fun!

Sea of fan blades

My second story not as colorful but just as funny with a moral. If you don’t want to be the butt of a joke, don’t show/discuss office pranks before going away. Brian George was flying back and forth to Vancouver from Winnipeg in preparation for the Delta contract. Just before leaving he had found a website with a dozen or so photos about office pranks where cubicles where stuffed with odd objects, packing styrofoam, legos, etc. Being lazy and having no real time to fill Brians cubicle with styrofoam or lego’s, we used 20 large garbage bags filled with air and stuff his cubicle. Upon his return, and being Brian thinking he could hide all day under all the plastic bags, he crawled into the cubicle. Next we heard AH SHIT! Two things took place. One, we had saran-wrapped the keyboard, mouse, and the chair, duck taped the pen’s and pencils to the desk. But the big surprise was the nerf gun, with its 20 pucks firing one after the other, while on his knees attempting to sneak into his cubicle, under the garbage bags. Oh did we laugh.

Those were the days my friend; we thought they never end. Good times, great friends.
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