Top of Albert Edward

climbing Mount Albert Edward Pt2

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Mount Albert Edward Stathcona provincial park Pt2

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I enjoyed climbing with other people, good friends, but I did quite a lot of solo climbing, too.Edmund Hillary

Day two of the climb to the top of Mount Albert Edward.
The day starts by literally dragging myself out of the sleeping bag. So SORE! Remember we traveled 4 hours by plane across two time zones, and hiked 12 kilometers.

strathcona provincial park - strathcona provincial park - mount albert edwards

Mount Albert Edwards

I’m first up, but I can hear Marve rustling. He crawls out of the tent wearing every stitch of clothing that he brought. He was cold, shivering, and asks, “Whats for breakfast?” I chuckle at him. He looks like a great big puff ball. Of course, there is no camera in my hand. I respond, “Oatmeal, almost ready.” He starts digging in the tent for his shoes, then I hear the 4 letter word “F*&^.” He notices that the sleeping bag is inside out. He had slept on the cold vinyl. In his defense, we did get to base camp at sunset.
With breakfast done, and the camp back in order, we head out to meet our goal of getting to the top of Mount Albert Edward. After a short walk from the campground, we hook up with the trail. Once on the main trail, it doesn’t take long before we are once again climbing straight up, and I mean ‘UP!’ Often we were grabbing the tree roots, which sprout from beneath the rocks, to assist us in climbing upwards and onwards.
It takes around 4 hours to get to the top, but what a view! OH WOW! Totally breathtaking! Now, remember it’s only the halfway point, we still need to get back. We decide to take a different route, going to use the Castle Greg Trail. Now the trail is marked by Inuksuk, you know, the way the Eskimo’s mark their trails. But here is the issue, they are everywhere. Marve looks at me, I look at him and say, “Pick one.” So we’re off like a “heard of turtles” until we run out of markers. Yup, we’re lost. (Not really, I do have a GPS.) It takes about 20-30 minutes of looking, searching to find the next marker. Guess what. Yup! It’s straight up! I point out the marker to Marve, his response, “Are You Serious?” The marker is sitting on a rock ledge 100 ft above. OMG! We need to climb a ‘shear’ rock cliff that’s between a glacier of ice and the overlooking ledge. strathcona parkAgain, I hear Marve saying, “Are You Serious?!” “YUP!” I reply. Not happy, we start the climb. I let Marve go first. There is only room for one. It’s a very tricky passage. The rest of the trip is more of the same, narrow path’s and unstable terrain. If you’re afraid of heights, this may not be the trip for you.

Safely back at base camp, even before I had supper made, I can already hear Marve snoring, passed out in the tent, with the sleeping bag right side out this time.

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