Mount Albert Edward

climbing mount Albert Edward

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The trip up Mount Albert Edward

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paradise meadow board walk

paradise meadow board walk

The Trip – Mount Albert Edward the 6th highest peak on Vancouver Island.
Time frame: three-day weekend, four-hour flight, 40 Kilometer hike, Elevation 2093 meters, (6867Ft). With four hours fishing trip before returning home.

The trip started with a bang. I was ready to go by 07:30 am at the Winnipeg Airport prepared to catch the flight to Vancouver, then onto Comox BC. Marve (best bud, and adventure partner) was almost late. Now he’ll say he had lots of time, but when the preboarding announcement came, well you know. So far he did not checked-in, and you know what security can be like. The question is “why was he late? Marve stopped for an espresso from Starbucks.

After a hop, skip and jump we’ve landed at Comox BC. Backpacks in hand, ready for part two of the first day. Off for a quick visit with my father, and an hour drive to the starting point at Mount Washington Ski Resort. It’s an awesome hike through paradise meadows. An easy start to the hike, as the meadows have boardwalks, accessible for everyone. From there it’s a little tougher walk to Lake Helen Mackenzie, where we will take our first of many breaks.

At the lake, we dropped our packs, broke out the snacks and water. It was not long before the whiskey jacks, a relative of the crow and jay family were visiting us, darting in and out. I have to admit as a kid hiking in these mountains with my Dad, I always had crackers for the birds. This trip was no different. I handed Marve some of my crackers, thinking he’d give them to the birds. What did he do? He started to eat them. Sigh!
I responded, “Hold out you hand, with a cracker & wait.”
Marve replied, “Nope I don’t want a dirty bird in my hand.”
Me, “Marve?” Along with shaking my head, and a little snicker.
By this time, a few other hikers had stopped, and the small crowd, well shall we say, was egging him on.
Reluctantly, Marve held out his hand and fed the whiskey jacks.

Paradise Meadows - Whiskey Jack

Feeding a Whiskey Jack

The rest of the hike that day was more or less uneventful. Just two old guys yammering back and forth about this and that. I have to admit. If you are going to do this trip, you better be in shape. There are a lot of ups, downs, switchbacks, climbing over fallen trees, hiking along and in river banks. All this just to get to the base camp. Then you still need to set up camp. Which is a story by itself …

Stay tuned, more to come


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