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Don’t be afraid to fail

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Don’t be afraid to fail

Who Said “The Master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried”
Stephen McCraine

Frozen In Time

Are you a trophy hunter? Or an immersion photographer? Do you spray and pray? Take lots of images in the hopes that one will turn out? Do you stay in one spot, letting the image come to you?
When I first started learning photography, an older more experienced photographer told me, “If you’re unsure then you should always take six pictures, three vertical, three horizontal, using three different aperture settings., the lowest (F18-22), middle (F8-10), and widest (2.8-4). This way you should be able to get the image you want.”. Hmm…I guess I could actually call this the law of 3. Believe it or not, I still use this rule when I’m out taking pictures.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Well, failure may be the wrong word to use, to experiment may be a better. Experimenting is the way we learn. Most of my images will never be shown or see the light of day. I believe that we should always place our best foot forward. This means keeping our failures/experiments to ourselves unless you’re looking for feedback. Way back in the day, when film was the main medium, there was a cost to practicing. Now in the digital photography world, we can take as many pictures as we want until we get that perfect shot. Therefore, we should never be afraid of failure. Embrace it! The more failures we make, the more we learn. Failure is part of the becoming a better photographer.r.

Deep within light

Consider this, if you want to learn to ski, do you not take skiing lessons? Do you not practice falling down? Yes, then we get back up. If you want to learn to swim, do you not take swimming lessons and practice? So when you want to learn to be a photographer does it not make sense to take lessons, practice, and learn from it?

Don’t be afraid to fail! Learn from it! Repeat your steps with a different result. It’s the price of greatness.


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