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Don’t be afraid to get lost

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Not all who wonder are lostJRR Tolken

Lost you say

old farm house, Manitoba Canada

Old Farm House

Being or finding yourself lost is not always a bad thing. Often I find it very easy to get disorientated while shooting in the woods it really doesn’t take all that much when you’re in the “photography zone”. Some of the best times I had and some of the best pictures I’ve taken are the result of being lost. Being lost is not something you should be afraid of you should embrace it.

I remember piling into the car with a couple of buddies early one Saturday morning and heading out to go photograph an old red barn. Once we got into the car and talking we all lost track of time and place before ya knew it, we had passed our original destination, not by just a couple of minutes or miles but we had come to the end of the road we were more than 2 hours pass our destination. Lost and unsure of where the old red barn was we decided to pull over and look at a map funny thing we actually had a GPS in the car. But what we discovered at the side of the road behind a rather large electrical power farm hidden from view was an abandoned old farmhouse. We would never have found this if we were lost, we must’ve spent two hours shooting this old farmhouse and we never did get back to shoot the red barn that day.

Why just last month’s I decided to do a hike with my wife on Quadra Island, the trail I was looking for was called Chinese Mountain. And of course, we were a little unsure of where the trailhead was, due to some form of luck we did manage to find the trail head. But then we wanted to go to the other side of the Island well we got lost travelling on a dirt road.

Field of yellow who said photography

Field of yellow

But then as we came down the mountain into a bay the tide was low and sitting along the beach area and on piles were these old abandoned boats once again I would never have found this if the wife didn’t get us lost. (Notice I’m blaming her 🙂 not that I was driving)

Don’t be afraid to explore AKA “get lost” as a good photography friend said to me although you’re travelling down one path don’t be afraid to stop and look behind there may be something of interest behind as well. keep your eyes open and always look for those unforeseen photo opportunities.

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