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Don’t wait until tomorrow

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Travel Photography

Who said;
Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Benjamin Frankin

La Barrier Park Manitob a

Flood Waters

One of the best quotes ever, and it applies to travel photography.  If you see something of interest take the picture.  Do it, stop and shoot, as it may not be there tomorrow.  As a travel photographer, how do I know this. Experience, it happens way to often especially to me. You see I had this great idea for an image, it was going to be a night shot with starscapes. I had been out to this location many times. In fact, I’d taken other photographers out to this wonderful location, it was a favorite spot of mine, easy to access, close to home. It was, notice I said ‘WAS’ an old farmyard with a dilapidated building, old washer, lots of miscellaneous junk throughout the area. But my favorite was the old house the only thing that was left was the roof and it was completely on the ground but still intact. No walls, window frames, no support of any just the roof sitting on the ground.

Long lost gas station

One day while a few of us travel photographers were out shooting, milling around the farm, a truck pull up. Guess what? It’s the owner, seem to be a nice gent. We explain what we are doing, just out capturing some great images of the yard and surrounding items. He gives us permission to carry on. No problem, or was there? Six month’s later as I drive past on the way to some other photoshoot, it’s all gone, burned to the ground nothing was left. Noooo…. My heart skipped a couple of beats, I stopped pulled off to the side of the road and walked around the area, I remember like it was yesterday, the ground was charcoal black, soot kicked up as I walked. All gone, nothing, nada, so much for my starscape photo using the roof as foreground.

Don’t be a dummy like I was if you have an idea for a picture don’t wait too long it may not be there at a later date.


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