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Winding Road to Gold River BC

Hidden waterfalls

“The long and winding road” sounds like the song by the Beatles, but nope it’s the road to Gold River.
Campbell River to Gold River BC is 88 Kilometers. The trip by any average person maybe a little under an hour to drive. Put two photographers in the vehicle and with it being early spring, and waterfalls around almost every corner. Well, it took a little over five hours to get to there. Yup, you read that correctly we left at 7:30 AM and arrived at “Pipers On The Ridge Neighborhood Pub and Restaurant” in Gold River around two.
Our first stop was well, at the side of the road, Linda yelled EAGLE! I pulled over and about 100 meters back, there sitting in the ditch munching on something was a fully mature bald eagle. We quietly closed the doors, and started, to tippy-toed towards the bird, but I can not tell a lie, it somehow saw us and disappeared. I mean vanished, it flapped its wings twice and was gone. Is there a point to this, yes, my co-pilot is on the ball, looking for spots to take pictures.
Ok back to my story, as mentioned, it’s a windy road, and if you’re from the prairies this highway can and may scare the bejesus out of you.

Blue sky over the road,

The speed limit is 80 KM. You may hit that speed once or twice, and a word of warning, the yellow caution sign that says 60, adhere to it. One side of the road is cliffs, the other water or guard rails. Did I mention it’s the main highway out of Gold River, and Gold River is a logging town or was one and them-there-trucks are big and facing one oncoming around a hairpin corner they win, every time!
Is the trip worth it, yup keep your eyes out for waterfalls, pull over at the rest stops, listen for water, we found a great spot hidden from view buried by the bush on the side of the road.


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