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Keep it level- landscape photography

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Landscape Photography Keep it level

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There are always two people in every picture, the photographer and the viewer:Ansel Adams

Park Bench Whiteshell Provincial  Park Manitoba

Park Bench

Last month I wrote an article on a critical piece of camera gear called a tripod. Even with the use of a tripod photographers still fail to capture landscape photography with a level horizon. Getting a straight horizon can be tricky using your eyes only, it’s a challenging task, to say the least. But with a few techniques or simple gadgets you can ensure your shot is perfectly straight with a level horizon.

Many newer DLSR have a built-in level which gives you a visual display allowing you to adjust the camera, so it’s straight on the tripod, most show a vertical and horizontal line. If yours does not, it may have a settings in the menu to add gridlines when you place the camera into live view mode. Not to fret, if you have neither of these functions, there is the option of a hot shoe mounted level that is relatively inexpensive. I purchased one as a gift for a friend at the local camera store for about fifteen dollars.

Pinawa Provincial Park

Moon Rise over Pinawa Dam Provincial Park

Here is my favourite, and again, it’s a free way to check that the camera is level. Try this next time you are out, most DSLR focal points are in a straight line, concentrate on the one’s that are the closed to your horizon and line them up in the viewfinder.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned the use of a tripod, now with any luck the tripod you purchased may just have a level in its head. I know mine does, there two levels one horizontal and one vertical.

So there you have it, four different ways to check and ensure that all your architecture, seascapes, and landscape photography are straight and level.

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