Long Beach Tofino BC

Long Beach Tofino

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You must visit Long Beach in Tofino

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Long Beach Tofino BC

A walk along Long Beach

In the last blog, I told you to turn left at the stop sign, remember? It’s now time to go right, head towards Tofino long beach, and just across from the airport you’ll come to the beach, it’s the largest and longest beach in the Pacific Rim National Park and the longest beach that I know of in Canada. Don’t get confused with our southern neighbour’s California beach called Long Beach, trust me, it nothing like that. No white sand, but we can surf on the waves, in fact, Tofino Long Beach was one of the first known surfing locations in Canada because of it’s exposure to the Pacific Ocean. The beach is full of activity some say that they have seen gray, and humpback whales just off the shore. In the surrounding area, you may also get a glimpse of a bear, wolf, or a cougar. The beach also has several rocky Islands at are accessible at low tide, be careful if you intend to visit the islands at a mid or high tide as rip tides are present, but not to fret signs are posted along the trails.
On this trip the weather was not the best, it was early spring (March), and it rained and rained, did I tell you it rained. I

had several area’s that I was hoping to visit, but fog and wet weather placed a damper on my plans. However, Long Beach is always an interesting place to visit, and photograph. You can wander the beach for hours, looking for things to shoot, and trust me you can find everything from footprints, shells, and clouds. Even though it was raining, foggy, and just plain miserable there is still lots to search out and take pictures, a little imagination will go a long way.
If you’re visiting Vancouver Island alway make sure you take the time to head over to Long Beach, it’s worth the visit. For me I’ll be heading back in July.


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