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Who Said:
Marlin: That’s not a duck, it’s a… PELICAN” Finding Nemo (2003)


Here fishy, fishy, fishy,

For me, shooting or should I say taking pictures of pelicans is just a hoot. It’s one of the most fun things I can do. Lockport, Manitoba is one of the best places for capturing pictures of these incredible, graceful birds. If you want to know where the ideal spots are, head out to Lockport Provincial Park located next to the Lockport A&W. It is just a short hop, skip and a jump to where the Red River Floodway meets the Red River. Park your butt in a lawn chair, and relax! Watch as they glide by, or wait for that special moment when they come in for a landing. You can take great pictures from either side of the floodway. Be cautious hiking the north bank. It is a wall of rock and climbing down to the water is tricky.
Bored? By now, you have been at this location for several hours. You may want to move on. No problem! It’s just a short walk back to the dam, where there is another pod (group) of pelicans congregating and diving for their next fish. You can easily capture images of pelicans flying, or diving for their next meal. Watch them bounce up and down in the turbulence from the dam. The dam is a hot spot for pelicans and angler fishermen competing for the meal that hides just out of sight, under the water.

Lockport Manitoba

Who’s the better fisherman

Lockport is located 28KM north of Winnipeg. It’s known to have some of the best fishing in Manitoba, for both humans and pelicans. (hehe) Lockport is also home to Manitoba’s best footlong hotdog, which can be found at Skinner’s Restaurant. After a long day of taking pictures, or just enjoying the gracefulness of pelicans in flight, for heaven’s sakes, stop in for that footlong hotdog! It’s a perfect way to end the day. While you are eating do a little chimping! (reviewing your images).

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