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I know this is off-topic different from my regular blog, but you see, this site, well, it was having difficulties. To be exact, it was speed, yes load times were slow and as an internet user, I don’t like to wait. No one wants to wait and according to Kissmetric, 50% of your visitors expect the site to load in less than three seconds. 40% of visitors leave if the site takes longer than 10 seconds.
Some of us including me, refer to the company that is hosting my site as SlowDaddy. I’ve used the term several times in frustration, and it stems from a misunderstanding between the customer and the company. With that said here is my experience with GoDaddy.
Back in January, I decided it was time to update. Therefore, I made the jump from HTML to WordPress. Thinking that I could easily create a new site, in all honesty, I did expect a bit of a learning curve with WordPress, and I was right. But what did happen caught me completely off guard. As I added more and more plugin’s, and tested, re-tested, my site got slower and slower, to the point that it was sometimes taking 20-30 seconds to load. As I ran test after test on ‘WebPageTest‘ and ‘GTmetirix‘ the same issue keep showing and it was a delay in ‘time to first byte’. During all this I was in contact with GoDaddy, and their response was always “optimized your images”. Interesting, because the total download size was all of 2 megs. After two weeks of correspondence, I was sent an email with a link to guess what? Dedicated WordPress servers, who would have thunk? Okay, dedicated servers are a little more expensive, but wow what an improvement, I went from a half minute load time to two seconds. But here is the good part. I called goDaddy, before actually making the purchase, and the

agent was ‘awesome,’ WOW! talk about great support, working in unison with the goDaddy agent the website was relocated, and back operational on the new server in a little over an hour. Migrating the old site was easy, all I did was complete an online form with six questions. POOF! Transferred.
I hear you thinking, so what? Well, the site is faster, plus it took a lot of work but it reminds me of the blog I wrote awhile back Don’t be afraid to fail.

UPDATE – found this great article on how to speed up your wordpress site. 22 tip that you can do right now, such as how to optimize your images, removing plugin your not using, check it out at Cloud Living

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