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Could travel adventure photography be an olympic sport

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Photography VS Biathlon

Travel Adventure Photography

Pine Point rapids Whiteshell Provincial Park

Pine Point rapids Whiteshell Provincial Park

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Bob’s gone crazy! Bonkers! He’s trying to compare travel adventure photography to being an Olympic sport. Hold your horses! Let’s think about this for a moment. An Olympic athlete gets up early in the morning. He heads out to start training. Why? Because he needs to constantly practice to improve! They have to prepare themselves for that once in a lifetime race or event. He has to be in good physical and mental shape. So what do we as travel adventure photographers do? We get up early, strap 35 to 55 pounds of camera gear on our back then head out on our adventures often in the woods. It could be a 10-mile hike or more. Olympic Athletes train. Do we not train? We spend countless hours practicing taking pictures with our cameras, and gear for a chance at that perfect shot, or once-in-a-lifetime picture. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing or whatever. Let’s just for fun, compare ourselves (as travel adventure photographers) to the winter sport known as the “biathlon”. Swap out the rifle for a camera with a 200-500MM lens, which I bet weights more than the rifle carried by the athletes. Think about this for a second. They cross country ski for a minimum of ten kilometers stop several times throughout the race shoot to shoot at targets

Revelstroke BC

Revelstroke BC

We as photographers, may hike for 5-10 kilometers, and stop several times to take pictures. They use a sight. We use a viewfinder. They have to control their breathing. We need to catch our breath :-), and still be creative. (How much creativity do you have after climbing 500ft up the side of a mountain?) They try to be the fastest and the best shot. We try to capture the best image and bring some form of emotion to our viewers. They need to recuperate after a race. After a day-long hike, I need a couple of days of recuperation. (Getting a little old!) So there you have it. What do you think? Should we call the Olympic committee request they add an event for photographers, or is it time for me to head off to the loony bin?

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