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Why my wife hates macro photography

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Macro Photography

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The two most engaging powers of a photograph are to make new things familiar and familiar things new.”William Thackeray

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Snake in the garden

Every day I take our dog for a walk. This day was to be no difference, It was a warm spring April day here on Vancouver Island, as I leave the house, Nancy my wife decided to come for the walk. Oh WOW! what a pleasant surprise. Close to our home is a place called the willow point conservation area. A wonderland with a river AKA creek, bridges and lots and lots of paths, going here and there. So we decided to walk along one of the river paths. On the way back Nancy says, “look, look a garter snake” Remember it is April, so they’re still half asleep. I quickly ran over stuck my foot on his tail pinning him to the ground and then reach down with my hand and grabbed it behind the head. Picture this, I’m walking home with the snake in one hand, the dog on the leash and Nancy 10 feet behind, with her asking is a stern voice. “What are you going to do with the snake?” I reply “What else I’m going try some macro photography.” Once home I hand Nancy the leash and head for the garden. Now I’ve got an issue, no camera gear I need to go and get my
Macro photography


camera. I pop back into the house, grab my camera and macro flash and I’m back to the garden. It takes few minutes to get everything ready, place the camera on the gorilla tripod, attach the flash, set focus Etc… I set the snake in place, let go and what does he do “leave” or tries to leave, remember it’s still half asleep from hibernation. Ok, this is not working I need help. I go back into the house, and walk up to Nancy, and say I need some help, OMG She jumps a foot, and a couple of 4 letter words start to leave her mouth and she running by this time the dog thinks it a game and jumps in by chasing her. Maybe bring the snake into the house was not such a bright idea on my part. 🙂 But come on you had to see it coming. After the commotion and Nancy settled down, “a bit” I finally had her convinced to help me. Honestly, she had an easy job I needed someone to hold the reflector to block the sunlight so I could use the macro flash. AH! all for the love of macro photography 🙂

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