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Why use a tripod

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Why use a tripod

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When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.Ansel Adams

Campbell River Pier Vancouver Isalnd

Campbell River Pier

There are several reasons to use a tripod if you search the internet you will find the following, night shots, long exposure, nature photography, telephoto lens, macro etc.. There are reasons in our heads for why we don’t want to take out the tripod. Takes too long to get ready. Not useful when doing street photography, it restricts our movement.

As I watched the On 1 seminar with Matt & Hudson, there was a question asked of Hudson. Does he rely heavily on a tripod, he quickly answered,” Yes.”. He mentioned a few little things then moved on. It got me thinking. Why do I use a tripod? Hmm..I’m not a spray and pray type photographer. I put time and effort into my shot. The tripod forces me to get ready, to think about the shot and answer a bunch of

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questions. Yes, it takes effort. But before I extend the legs, and unfold the tripod, I’m already composing the shot in my mind. It starts by placing the tripod and camera at the correct height and in the right position to capture the shot that I see in my mind. Taking notice of the area, I compose the image, do I want to take a panoramic? Should I use filters, do we need a polarizer, neutral density? Is the camera straight? Is it level? I have lots of time. Looking through the viewfinder, I can set my focus point, where is my subject does it fall within the rule of thirds, is image stabilization turned off. Yup, if using a tripod you should turn off IS (VR for Nikon)

Why use a tripod? Yes, it will take more time, you will get no argument from me. But is that really bad? Next time you’re out shooting take the tripod, slow down, work the scene, see the picture before you click the shutter.


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