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After attending a webinar by SmugMug where they explained the benefits of their latest Adobe Photoshop Lightroom plugin, I decided it was time to get off the couch and start using it. What does the plugin do, it connects Lightroom to your SmugMug account, and sync ‘s your selected images between both programs.

I chose to do the manual installation, mainly because I have an older version of Lightroom, and I have to admit it was very, very easy. Follow the instruction on the SmugMug website and all should go well. One tip for the Windows 10 users, if you’re not able to find the folder to your Lightroom plugins, you may have enabled “show hidden folder.” you can accomplish through, control panel, folder properties.
After the installation of the plugin, you’re not done. You will need to activate and authorize access to your SmugMug account. Again a relatively easy thing. Start Lightroom, from the library module, under “Publish Services” you should now see a tab for SmugMug and the words Setup. Click setup and Lightroom will open the Publishing Manager dialog box. From there select the SmugMug account tab and click “Authorize Account.” enter your account information and your done, YAY!

And that was the fun part, I can hear you saying “Now what!” Don’t fret my friend, I’ll tell you what I did wrong, so you don’t make the same mistake. Once Authorized I decided to sync’s the two programs. In Lightroom I often have several version of the image, I’ll have a raw file, a couple of virtual copies, and maybe a several Photoshop versions. The plugin will then summon a conflict dialog box which tries to match SmugMug to Lightroom. Here is where I made my faux pa. The tabs at the top are different versions of the same image, NOT the next series of pictures, again and in quotes ” a different version of the picture.” 🙂 If the side by side comparisons do not match, and I would suggest you look very carefully, then you can view the other suggestions by using the tabs. AHH! So how do we fix the issue, or do we just leave it. We could delete the incorrectly matched images and start again, but that could be lots and lots of work. Besides what happens, if we have the images linked to our website? Here are my two suggestions.

Abandon root cellar

1. Remove the photo from the gallery in Lightroom and publish, re-add the correct photo to the gallery and re-publish. Obviously, this isn’t the best option as it removes the photo from SmugMug, again which could effect orders, events, comments, etc.

2. Which is more complex, delete the gallery from Lightroom and select “Leave on SmugMug.” Then sync the “Folder and Galleries” for the immediate parent folder, to recreate the gallery in Lightroom, and then resync the images, the gallery and select the correct pictures.

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