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Stoke Falls Port Alberni British Columbia
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Photographing Stokes Falls Port Alberni, British Columbia

Right along the highway is a wonderful little waterfall called Stokes Falls Port Alberni. If you have been to hole in the wall, depending on which route you took, you may have been there and not known, like me.
It’s quite a hilly hike from the parking lot to the waterfalls, but it is quite a lovely hike. You also cross a stream where you should spend a little time taking photos. The area is such an inviting location the hike alone is worthwhile. Just up the trail from Stokes fall is anther perfect photo opportunity. Here you will find a small cascading waterfall I believe they call the Table Top.

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How to get to Stokes Falls in Port Alberni

The quickest way to get to Stokes Falls is to drive there. Take the Port Alberni Highway to the parking lot just at the bottom of the hill as you go into Town. If you come to Coombs Country Candy, you have gone too far. Head into the parking lot and stop for an Ice-Cream.

What to do in the area around Stokes Falls

There are plenty of things to do in the area around Stokes Falls. Don’t just hike and photograph the one waterfall. While you are there, keep an eye out to the lesser know waterfall, Table Top Falls. I enjoyed photographing this falls as much as I did Stokes. Plus, you can also spend a little time hiking to Hole-In-The-Wall.


Stokes Falls Ports Alberni

What to see at Stokes Falls

Things to see at Stokes Falls include the beautiful falls themselves, the wildlife in the area, and the many hiking trails.

The visitor center just on the outskirts of Port Alberni can provide you with more information about the area, including how to get there and what to expect. They can also tell you about the history of Stokes Falls and point out some highlights along the trail.

Parking on the Highway a Stokes Creek Falls?

There is no designated parking area for hikers near Stokes Creek Falls. The side of the highway has a small 4 car pull-off.

Don’t go past the gate. It is frequently closed and you risk being locked in.

What is the best time to visit Stokes Creek Falls?

There is not a definitive answer when to visit Stokes Falls. A variety of factors should be considered. Weather and the season. In my opinion, the best time to photograph is springtime when the water is rushing.

If you’re looking to photograph waterfalls in all its glory, the best time to visit Stokes Creek Falls is shortly after a heavy rain. The falls are located right in the city limits of Port Alberni, British Columbia, so transportation and parking are easy. However, one potential downside is that the Rogers Creek Nature Trail might be too busy.

I will admit because I live on the other side of Vancouver Island I’ve not been able to photography Stokes Falls at the best time. 

Stokes Fall Port Alberni British Columbia

Tips for hiking to Stokes Creek Falls?

Are you looking for an easy waterfall hike? Stokes Falls is a great option. The trail can be completed in about 30 minutes, and it has easy access to parking. Be sure to wear hiking boots, as the trail meanders through the woods with lots of roots to trip you up. I should point out that the last portion of the trail to the falls is a fairly steep hill.

Are there other waterfalls around Stokes Creek Falls?

If you staying on the main loop, there are other waterfalls. Instead of heading down the hill to Stokes, take the left. You will cross a series of small waterfalls that are rather attractive but just a foot or two tall.

It’s important to note that the definition of “waterfall” can be a bit vague, and some people might consider smaller cascades or rapids to be waterfalls as well. So don’t be surprised if you stumble across a few more falls while exploring this area!

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The Photo Trip

Today’s photo adventure takes us to an area known as Stokes Falls. If you have been to Hole-In-The-Wall in Port Alberni. This may be the same parking spot. In fact, if you have time I would suggest you do both waterfalls. The Trail head is to the left. Look for a small opening in the woods. Sometimes, a sign is hanging on the tree with the directions. One more thing, arrive early as the small parking lot fills up fast.

As we walk through the forest, I can’t help but be excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

I can’t wait to see how high the water is. We hear the sounds of water off in the distance. Is this hike worth it? We won’t know till we arrive.

As you follow the trail in the wood, keep your photography eyes peeled for some unique features of the area. The lovely little stream and bridge we crossed, the rambling trail in the woods. Lots of little things to photograph. I would plan for at least an hour to get to the main falls.

As we continue our hike, we see a sign to another waterfall. Table Top Falls. It is further down the trail and small than Stokes Falls.. But definitely worth checking out. We hike down the hill to Stokes falls, anticipation in our minds of what we might find.

Table Top Fall Next to Stokes Fall Port Alberni

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