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Welcome back everyone are you ready for season 3? WOW! Did you think we were ever going to see season 3? Not Me!
Notice that we are no longer the two photo nuts. Why? Well, from now on it will be the three of us.
Today’s topic is tripods, Why? The other day, Lars asked me a question. He asked: “What’s the difference between these two tripods?” Me being fast on my feet said “color.” He went, “WRONG! ” Guess what the show is all about! Yup! I’m being punished, and you guys are coming along for the ride, learn “all about tripods. ”
What are the differences? Why we use different ones? What is their purpose? Wait, Clinton where is your tripod? To learn what is so special about Clinton’s tripod, you will need to watch the show.
There are several different styles and types of tripods, depending what you’re doing or trying to accomplish you may, like Lars and I, own several. Notice on the show we have several tripods. Each one serves a different function. For me, tripods are another thing like bags. Side note we also own several bags and depending on what I’m doing, where I’m going, I’ll take a different tripod. I’ve got about five tripods. I use different ones at different times.

Watch Lars, Clinton and I explain the difference between the various types of tripods. Why you may want several in your closet. Why you may need travel, standard or even a small portable tripod. Good luck placing that 600mm Canon lens on a dedicated travel tripod. Oh! I can see it falling over already! Did you know that some of the travel tripods can double as a monopod? Watch as we continue the discussion on heads, which I’m in the market for, so why am I looking for an Arc-swiss style. What is arc-swiss and what is the advantage? Woops! What happened to Clinton? What did our ex-producer point out on the show? Yes, you know we are in trouble when the producer starts with us. When traveling on an airplane what do you do with the tripod?

Did you watch the first video on tripods, if not here is the link.

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