aspect ratio for photos

aspect ratio of photos

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Aspect ratio for photos – Aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and height of the image your camera takes. Most of us don’t put a lot of thought into this, but we do put a lot of thought into composition. So how does aspect ratio and composition work side-by-side? Full frame cameras use a 3:2 ratio, most crop sensors also use a 3:2 ratio, but when you get into the smaller sensors depending on the brand and model they often use a 4:3 ratio.

So how does aspect ratio fit into the composition? Many of the newer cameras have an option in the menu that allows the user to change the aspect ratio. During live viewing, vertical lines corresponding to the ratio will be displayed. However, this does not affect your actual image, but it will allow you to compose the picture in a more viewable manner.

So here’s the juice for the most common aspect ratio for photos:
Is the aspect ratio of (get this) 35mm film. Yup, remember the film days. Oh ya! It is also the ratio for full frame digital camera and the crop factor like the Canon, Nikon, and Sony
Or otherwise known as the micro four-thirds, which is used in the average compact camera. I was told it’s also the aspect ratio for the medium format camera, Whoa too rich for my blood 🙂
Most point and shoot cameras are a 1:1 or the one-inch sensor. Oops, not sure we can call it a 1″ sensor, I’ve been told it’s a little under an inch 🙂

Another concern, we have as photographers, and why we need to know what the aspect ratio is, we may want to print the image. Printing a 4 x 6 picture definitely is different than a 5 x 7 there are many different printing sizes, but knowing the aspect ratio of your camera can certainly help in composing that perfect shot. Remember aspect ratio is nothing more than the relationship between the long and the short sides of a photo.

Just for fun, I suggest that you go into the menu and change your aspect ratio and try it for a couple of days to see if it helps or whether it is a hindrance.

Hopefully, this little article will give you a little bit more idea of how aspect ratio effects may help your composition and affect your printing. Watch as we try to explain how sensors size effects your aspect ratio.

Happy Shooting!

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