exposure triangle AKA scales of justice

In gear, Tutorial by Bob Wild

Watch Russell and Bob try to explain the Exposure Triangle.
One basic concept in photography everyone requires to understand is the exposure triangle. The 1st step in moving away from your auto settings, is you require complete understanding of when and how to use each setting ( ISO, aperture, shutter) in order to have a perfect photo every time. in the following movie the the guys attempt to put it all together. If you have not watched the 1st 3 video’s one ISO, Aperture, and Shutter you may need to go back and review those first.

So long as you use the exposure triangle correctly, there are no wrong answers in photography, and you still have a wide range of tweaks and adjustments that you can make in order to give the photo new life. You can tell a change the picture just by adjusting the exposure time or the aperture size of a particular photo and changing the other settings accordingly.

There are 3 main aspects of the exposure triangle:

Shutter speed

Obtaining a balance among all 3 aspects of the exposure triangle is certainly crucial, and the meter in the camera can assists you in accomplishing this, when you see the meter indicating the image is under exposed or over exposed, it means that you have to adjust one of the following aperture, shutter, or ISO in order to get a correct exposure.

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