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On today’s show, we will be interviewing a friend of mine Jennifer Wolf, who believe it or not is a FAA certified balloon Pilot. Yup, a hot air balloon pilot. Jennifer and I discuss the secret to getting good aerial photo’s from a floating balloon. What you are and especially are not allowed to do on the ground when the pilot is inflating the balloon. What is the best lens to take with you, is it a wide angle, or your telephoto? Maybe it’s that ultra-wide angle. Is that ultra-wide lens worthwhile to take with you in the basket?
Where is the best place to be while the balloon is inflating? Can the photographer walk inside to take images? How hot is the inside?
How high will we be flying, does it depend on the wind? How do we know where we are going, can it be steered? ? How steady is the basket when we are in the air? How much room is in the basket? Can I move around to get a better shot? How much gear can I carry in the basket?

So what information can I expect the pilot to tell me? Watch as Jennifer, and I discuss the best times to go ballooning. Why is it always in the AM or an early evening flight? What can I expect on landing, will the balloon just stop, or are we going to roll for 10 feet as the basket hits the ground. OMG! You mean there is not toilet on the flight! Does the Stewart hand out candy? What are your recommendations for a barf bag?

So do we “really” need to take a big telephoto lens and a full-size DSLR, or would we better off with that compact system, or just a shoot-and-point?

Watch the video for the answers to all these questions and more. .

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