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Life is like photograph, You can’t get best picture just by talking. You need to take an action, you need to press the shutter Husni Mubarak Zainal

In photography as with any form of drawing or art, composition, leading lines or arrangement of the visual elements can make or break a great body of work. Think of this as the ‘arrangement of elements’ and with all great images photography needs to follow these principles.
Leading lines can draw our eyes into the photograph, what within the picture captures our attention the most? It took me a while to understand these principles and still today before I click the shutter button I review the picture in my mind. What are these principles?
Lines shape and colours, let’s look at these three design elements for a moment. We use lines to draw the viewer’s attention to our subject by forcing them follow the lines in the image. I find lines the easiest to understand think about a road or pathways. Straight lines versus curved, which is more appealing? Both have a different use sometimes we have no control over the road or the pathway, it is not like we can change its layout. But we can relocate or change our position.
Shapes – are triangles more appealing, or are squares or circle? Triangles have three sides. Ya, I know you knew that, but look for odd numbers, three, five, seven. Your brain has an easier time organizing odd numbers and it’s more appealing. When taking an image with 6 subjects break them down into two groups of three, odd numbers work better.
Colour – are we like the crows that steal shiny objects, normally the brightest object in your picture will attract the viewers attention, use leading line to assist the viewers eyes into the subject of the image. Example roads or path’s that lead the view into the sunset
Watch as the 2 photo-nuts ramble on about the finer points of composition. Watch Clinton and Bob take pot-shots at each other.

Happy Shooting!

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