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macro photography tips with Don Komarechka

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Who Said:
Even today with digital images I marvel at the magic of photography. To look at a subject, visualize its potential in your mind, then squeeze out an exposure and capture what you’ve seen to be preserved forever—on film or digitally—is instant gratification.

Walter Chandoha

Watch this episode for some more great macro photography tips

Thanks to the new technologies emerging from the World Wide Web and Google Bob is able to bring you an interview with one of his heroes, a “Macro Master”, a hell of a nice guy, and a Canon Profession. Don Komarechka with us on this episode. Watch Don explain in detail, all things macro photography.
Watch as Don explains his camera. Yes, you guessed it! It’s not an everyday camera. It has additional bits and pieces of equipment that push the limits of camera physics to the absolute boundaries of what you can call imagine optically. He uses a Canon MPE 65 mm macro lens, which gets about five times closer than the average macro lens ,that also uses extension tubes and a teleconverter. Pushing macro photography much further so that he gets closer and closer to his subject, As Don said in the interview, “That just how I roll” In Macro photography, you always have a desire to get closer and closer, The closer you get the more detail there is.
Don talks about the issue with getting closer. Once you step into this tiny world, you realize that the depth of field almost doesn’t exist. As a landscape photographer shooting at F8 almost everything is in focus, but as a macro photographer, it harder to get a complete flower in focus at the same setting.
For Don Macro photography changes with the seasons, so in the summer, he’s able to spend time in the garden taking images of the flowers the bees and the bugs, but winter also presents another photographic opportunity. Living in Barrie Ont Don will venture out into the backyard and shoot snowflakes, and frozen soap bubbles.
One of the great things about shooting macro is total control of the scene if don’t like the background you change it by adding additional flowers. Watch as Don explains how he manages to incorporate color and repositions the scene using all sorts of different techniques.
As Don explains, macro photography is the control of chaos one or ten images will not be enough, sometimes it takes 100’s of images to capture just the right one.
So how does Don create such great images? Watch the show he explains “it all” nothing is held back, he explains why he shoots in manual, what aperture is best, even dives into how to set up your flash sync speed for outdoor macro photography. Not interesting in stepping into the garden, Don discusses the finer points of how to set-up a small little home studio to do macro photography.
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Don has been featured, on CBC, the Nature of things, and the BBC. Don also writes for Outdoor Photography Canada

Well did you get more idea on how to shot macro? DId you pickup some great macro photography tips?

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