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Macro photography is taking close-up pictures of item(s). Different experiments are interesting to try, such as putting flowers in water droplets.
To start out in macro photography, you do not need a lot of expensive equipment. There are several cheap materials and gadgets to aid you in your decision of how or if you want to proceed in “Macro Photography”.
Any camera will work: point and shoot, single lens reflex, etcetera.
Point in shoot camera, a flexible and adjustable white light source(s) (Maglites), magnifying glass, and a third-hand vise are just a basic.
A good step up for macro photography would be a single lens reflex camera, extension rings, 50 mm prime lens, a tripod/third-hand vise, adjustable white light source(s). Instead of the extension rings, you could use a close-up lens with your prime lens. These methods might require you to focus manually
Now for the more expensive items when you decide you are really into this “Macro” stuff. Number one item is the dedicated macro lens. The lens is specified to focus down to “1:1” or “life size”. You should be able to stay in auto focus mode. Number two item is a ‘Ring Flash’. A ring flash has two or more lights in a circle that you can time flashes, and control the brightness as you take your photo. These allow you to play with shadows, increasing or decreasing your depth of field. Number three item is a ‘focusing rail system’. ‘Focusing rails’ allow you to move your camera in minute adjustments while being in focus.
To control your light sources, one could put black electrical tape on the flashlights. Build white boxes out of cheap material. These boxes will let you be the one controlling how the light hits your subject. Make your own reflectors. These will do the same thing as the boxes in helping you control light.

Have fun! Experiment with macro photography!

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macro photography

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