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Memory cards for photographers, what do you need to know? Cards are used for storage but there are many different types and different kinds of memory cards, find yourself confused I totally understand. The most common type of memory cards are as follows Compact Flash, SD card, micro SD depending on the camera you’re using.

For most consumers when buying a memory card there only looking for 1 thing “price”, although price point is important you also need to know what size card you want and what card for the camera, for example do you need an SD or Compact flash, and XD Card What size of card do you need I have two different thoughts on this, some people buy a large card 32G, 64G, while others will purchase smaller cards let say a 4 or 8G and swap out cards as required.

Okay here’s a few tips about using a memory card, if moving a card from one camera to another I suggest you always format the card for the camera you’re using it with. 2nd After I transfer the files from the card to my computer I always re-format the card in the camera never on the computer. While do I reformat instead of just a erasing re- formatting the card will reorganize the folder structure and prevent errors when I go to use the card in the camera again.

Something to consider when buying a memory card, is the speed of the card, and the class of the card. There are four different classes 4K, C10, C8, C4. I would suggest if you’re doing video that you at least purchase C10 card. I would suggest you leave a C4 to be used within your smart phone. There are also two ultra high speed (UHS) speed classes 1, 3.

And one more piece of advice as all things related to computer backup, backup and backup, it’s not if the card fails is how long before the card fails.

Happy Shooting!

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