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We are back with Don Komarechka this time to discuss post-processing your digital infrared images. Last week’s discussion was all about Infrared Photography, in this episode we are continuing with how to process your digital infrared images. Infrared images are a bit different; your entire post processing workflow will change, not to say that it’s difficult, but it is different. If you remember from last week’s discussion, the image will appear red when you review it on your camera. We suggested that you converted into a black-and-white or select the black-and-white function on the camera this will make more sense to your brain, looking at something that is red may just throw you for a loop. We don’t want you deleting your digital infrared images because they don’t appear correct.
Don uses a custom profile in Lightroom created with Adobes DNG profile editor, it’s free and easy to do, once the white balance is corrected, it’s on to Photoshop. I guess we should mention that both Don & I are shooting in the RAW format.
So how do we try to keep the colours semi-realistic by keeping the sky a bluish colour? How do we get there when the camera outputs a red image? Photoshop, we flip the red and blue channels by going into channel mixer. This is only the halfway point we still want a natural blue sky the image must feel somewhat normal, but the whites that we want in the trees aren’t quite correct most times with this technique. Flipping the channels is just the first step; next, we use a hue and saturation adjustment. Remember, there is no magic bullet but nine times out of ten a hue and saturation layer does the trick for correcting the colours. At this point, you should be able to edit the pictures as you would normally. Want more information on how to edit your digital infrared photos? Watch the complete video for the best of Don’s tips and tricks.

Digital Infrared Images

Below you will find so me helpful links to get you started on your way to processing digital infrared images

Adobe DNG editorĀ 
Adobe DNG tutorialĀ 

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