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Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst. Henri Cartier-Bresson

Raw vs JPEG, is an age-old debate there are lots of arguments on why to shoot one over the other but you have to work out which one is the best for you. If you’re not familiar with your computer or you don’t want to spent time AKA hours and I mean hours working on your computer then maybe JPEG is a better format for you. You have to understand that a JPG file is a compressed format that is done in camera therefore the camera is doing all the work it will sharpening colour correction and is going to compress the file. Again this format is great if you are going to have the images printed right away no manual intervention nothing has to be done you’re good to go. where would I use. JPEG over Raw. I would have to say real estate photography were a client wants the images that day, or if I’m shooting a wedding and I want to be able to give the couples a preview of the work that I’ve done.

So what is a raw file why use raw, Raw is an un-edit proprietary file format not suitable for printing lower in contrast not a sharp and it’s a file waiting to be processed by you in your computer. The raw file will allow me to do white balance corrections have you ever seen how an image has a yellow tint directly out of the camera. Raw allows me to colour correct, exposure correct, correct for lens aberration, and all sorts and other corrections to the image.

I have to say the decision is up to you if you just want to take a picture and just print it then jpeg may be the way for you to go but if you’re looking for a way to produce the most accurate colour correct sharpened image possible then shooting in a raw format is going to give you much more control over your final product.

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