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Photographing Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop: Wild Pacific Trail

Hey adventure photo seekers! Are you ready to explore one of the most beautiful places on earth? Look no further than the Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop trail! This amazing trail in Ucluelet, offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, old-growth forests, and the iconic Amphitrite Lighthouse.
Whether you’re looking for a fun photo outing or just a quick hike. This trail is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the West Coast. So, grab your camera and get ready for another photo adventure at Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop trail!

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About Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop?

Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop is a family-friendly loop that winds around the picturesque Amphitrite Point at the southwestern edge of Vancouver Island. The trail is framed by rolling ocean waves and a rocky shore stretching for miles. It offers spectacular vistas for adventure-seeking photographers.

A popular destination for its natural beauty of the landscape, the historical significance of the lighthouse, and the variety of photo opportunities. The coastal views, the dense forest, and the rocky beaches all add to the unique atmosphere. People from all over the world come to see it.

Where is the Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop?

From Port Alberni

  • Take the Pacific Rim Highway for 1.5 hours
  • At the Tofino Ucluelet Highway Head South (Turn Left)
  • The Tofino Ucluelet highway becomes Peninsula Rd.
  • Turn onto Coast Guard Rd.

Map of Ucluelet lighthouse loop

The Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop is located southeast of Ucluelet on Peninsula Road, at the end of Coast Guard Drive. The parking area for the start of the trail is 400 m from the junction of Peninsula Road and Coast Guard Drive.

Trail Description for Wild Pacific Trail – Lighthouse Loop

The Wild Pacific Trail – Lighthouse Loop is a 2.9 km trail that offers a stunning view of the Pacific coastline from the Wild Pacific Trail. From the parking area, the trail follows a wooden boardwalk for 220 m before veering off to the edge of the water.

Along the way, you’ll see a monument to the Graveyard of the Pacific, several scenic vantage points, and the Amphitrite Lighthouse before reaching He-Tin-Kis Beach.

On your way back, you’ll pass through a temperate rainforest where you can see lots of different plants and animals. This trail is great for hikers of all levels and is rated very easy. It takes between 0.5-1 hour to complete the hike. So, pack some snacks and water and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Walking Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop

Benches and viewpoints on the hike allow visitors to take in the sights and watch the waves. Along the way, hikers may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of whales and other wildlife in the area. The walking conditions of the trail are mostly gravel paths with a wooden boardwalk.

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse is an active lighthouse, and the only one in the area reachable by land. Named after the Greek sea goddess and Poseidon’s wife, Amphitrite, the lighthouse was originally built in 1906 and was destroyed by a storm in 1914.

The current concrete lighthouse has been in operation since 1915. It is six meters (20 feet) tall red and white structure that flashes a light every 12 seconds, reminding ships of the dangers at Amphitrite Point.

This lighthouse was built following the tragic shipwreck of the Pass of Melfort in 1905, in which 36 lives were lost. Thus, the lighthouse has a special meaning for many who visit as it stands as a reminder of the fierce, yet beautiful power of nature.

The lighthouse is popular for its location and surrounding environment, and its historic structure. During sunsets, the building is bathed in a warm gold tone. Thus creating a romantic postcard-perfect image.

Why photograph the Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop?

Photo of the Amphitrite Point Lighthouse on ucluelet lighthouse loop trail

1. The scenery on this trail is incredible.

The Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop offers scenic views of rock formations and of the lighthouse. You can soak in the tranquil atmosphere of the secluded shorelines, and the sound of the crashing waves. The trail is protected by dense rainforest, providing a great experience regardless of the season.

Paths and/or stairs lead to the secluded rocky beach. Ancient cedars, rugged and wild shorelines, beaches of driftwood, and jagged cliffs make this trail an impressive sight. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take in the magnificent views.

2. There are multiple viewpoints to take pictures from.

What are the multiple viewpoints for taking pictures at the Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop?

The Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop offers several scenic viewpoints along the trail that make it the perfect spot for taking photographs. The viewpoints include:

  • Painter’s Perch: At the top of the loop, this viewpoint offers an incredible panoramic view of the Ucluelet coastline.
  • Shipwreck Vista: This viewpoint provides a unique view of the shipwreck on the shoreline.
  • Interpretive Point: Near the end of the loop, this viewpoint offers stunning views of the surrounding area.
  • Big Vistas: As the name implies, this viewpoint offers expansive views of the horizon and the surrounding landscape.
  • Big Crowds: This viewpoint offers a magnificent view of the surrounding crowds and the hustle and bustle of the trail.
  • High Scenic Lookout: Highest point of the loop, this viewpoint offers breathtaking views of the surrounding ocean.

3. The loop is easy to moderate in difficulty.

Lighthouse Loop is an easy to moderate trail. It’s well-marked and contains no steep sections or stairs, making it accessible for all visitors.

The route also offers beautiful scenery and several beach access points, as well as breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The trail features several wooden stands, referred to as painter’s perches, providing a perfect place to photograph and appreciate the wild beauty of the area.

4. The loop has a variety of landscapes to photograph, such as forests and beaches.

While hiking Ucluelets Lighthouse Loop, you’ll experience a variety of landscapes to photograph. At the beginning of the loop is the forested canopy which transitions into the coastline with its wind-carved cliffs. Let not forget about the Amphitrite Point Lighthouse.

The Ancient Cedars Loop takes you through a 1 km loop of ancient cedar trees that have been there for 800 years. The Rocky Bluffs are another remarkable endpoint, with towering rock formations and a working lighthouse. Finally, the trail is home to secluded beaches that can be accessed by paths or stairs. Combine these elements, and you have a one of a kind photo opportunity.

5. It is a good opportunity for adventure photographers to practice their skills.

This loop offers a great opportunity for adventure photographers to practice their skills as it features beautiful vistas, stunning coastal scenery, and ample wildlife.

Check the weather before heading out. Ucluelets Lighthouse Loop can be wild and unpredictable, making it a place for you to show off your skills! You never know what kind of epic shot you’ll get with the constantly changing conditions.This trail will definitely put your photography skills to the test and make you feel like a pro!

6. There are many scenic stops along the way to capture photos.

What scenic stops are there along the Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop? Plenty! Besides the breathtaking views of the towering rock formations and the lighthouse. There are lots of benches along the trail providing viewpoints of the secluded shorelines. Don’t forget to make a stop at Cox Bay Lookout, where you can take in magnificent views of the area, or Long Beach and Chesterman Beach, where you can witness the surfers. The Rainforest Trail in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is also a must-see.

Photo from ucluelet lighthouse loop trail

Best time of year to photograph the Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop

Summer is a popular time, however, it can be busy; plan on being there early morning or late evening to avoid crowds. In October thru Feb, the area is known for its stormy weather, making for a great photo opportunity. This is when you’ll be photographing the waves pounding the rocks at Amphitrite Point.

For us photographers, it doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, cloudy or raining. The Lighthouse Loop is stunning, and you will capture stunning photographs anytime of the year.

You absolutely must take a sunset stroll along the trail! It’s totally worth it! Watch and photograph the sky as it changes colours as the sun sinks below the Pacific Ocean.

Overall, each season offers unique experiences. It’s worth researching in advance to get the most out of your time. For photographers, any time of year is great, but plan a trip between October and March for an epic storm-watching adventure to experience for yourself.

Where to stay in Ucluelet and Tofino

There are various types of lodging available in Ucluelet and Tofino.

Ucluelet: you can find affordable accommodation from cozy cabins, eco lodges to luxury hotels. Ucluelet is located 40 km north of Tofino, and is quieter and more peaceful.

Tofino: the tourist destination is known for its galleries, craft shops and fine restaurants. Accommodations range from budget-friendly hostels, mid-range hotels, and luxurious resorts.

No matter where you stay, spectacular views of the Wild Pacific Ocean, lush forests, and an abundance of wildlife areas all close by. Both offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Pacific Northwest.

Where to stay when visiting Ucluelets Ligthhouse loop



Black Rock Oceanfront Resort is a great place for photographers to enjoy and explore. It overlooks a private bay. You have amazing views of the ocean and the surrounding rock formations. Plus, the resort’s modern architecture and stylish design offer great opportunities for some unique and creative photos.

Water’s Edge Resort is an amazing place to stay. You’ll have breathtaking views of the ocean and the forest. The resort’s cozy and rustic atmosphere also provides a great backdrop for some unique and creative photos.

Cabins at Terrace Beach are an incredible spot to stay and explore Ucluelet. Surrounded by old-growth forest and just steps away from the rugged coastline, these cozy cabins offer a unique and authentic west coast experience. With the stunning natural scenery and peaceful surroundings, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to capture some truly breathtaking shots.


To help you decide, here’s a comparison of some of the most popular hotels in Tofino

Middle Beach Lodge: is a nice place to stay for anyone who loves adventure and photography. With its beautiful natural environment and amazing ocean views, it is the perfect place to capture amazing photos and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Pacific Sands Beach Resort is a fantastic spot for any photographer looking for a truly breathtaking experience. With its stunning oceanfront location, gorgeous sunsets, and abundance of wildlife, this resort offers endless opportunities for capturing amazing shots.

Long Beach Lodge Resort: is an incredible place for any photographer to stay and explore. In the heart of nature, with the stunning Long Beach just steps away, this resort is the perfect place to capture some truly unforgettable photos. With its beautiful beachfront views, towering trees, and abundant wildlife, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get some amazing photos.

These locations offer stunning ocean views and provide easy access to the area’s best hiking trails, surfing spots, and fishing spots.

No matter where you stay, you’ll be in the perfect location to explore and use that camera.

lighthouse Photo from ucluelet lighthouse loop trail

Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop summary

The Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop in Ucluelet offers stunning views of the Broken Group Islands, Barkley Sound, and the Amphitrite Lighthouse in Pacific Rim National Park. The Lighthouse Loop is popular for its breathtaking scenery and geological features.

The trail, with its boardwalks and rugged coastal landscape, is a perfect destination for capturing some truly unique shots. The views of the open sea, rocky shorelines, and lush rainforest are breathtaking. Photographers can find plenty of interesting subjects along the trails.

Finally, the Amphitrite Lighthouse provides a unique opportunity to photograph the beauty of this historic structure, with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop. As one of the most recognizable and iconic landmarks on the Canadian West Coast, the Amphitrite Lighthouse is sure to make for some stunning shots.

Overall, the Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop is a great destination for photographers of all skill levels and interests. The combination of natural beauty, historical sites, and educational trails makes it an ideal spot to capture some truly unique images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Either the Spring Cove Mudflats Interpretive Trail or the Terrace Beach Interpretive Trail. There is paved access for wheelchair users at the parking lot of the Coast Guard Station (please use the first lot on Coast Guard Road if you can walk).

The Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop is a 2.6 km loop that takes about 30–60 minutes to complete. The trail hugs the coastline all around Amphitrite Point and the elevation is 56 m. The trail is relatively easy and family friendly, making it a popular choice.

Hiking the Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop provides stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, rainforest, and coastal cliffs. You can catch glimpses of the ocean through the trees as you start off the trail, and it opens up to stunning, panoramic views of the ocean as you near the lighthouse. Along the trail, you can also visit the Graveyard of the Pacific Monument 350 m after the junction. This is a beautiful place where the Pacific Ocean can be seen.

The Wild pacific trail is 8 klm long. It consists of 4 trails the lighthouse loop, (2.6 klm) Terrance Beach trail (,5 klm) and Big Beach to Artist loop (5 klm) and Rocky Bluffs.

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