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Medicine bowls in courtenay

A Photo-trip to the Medicine bowls Courtenay

What gave rise to the Medicine Bowls Courtenay? Beautiful pools and  waterfalls formed in the rocks of the bowls by hundreds of millions of years of erosion. Thrill seekers jump in the bowls. Further down is a swimming hole and a rope swing, although I

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example of colour harmony in photography

How to Use colour harmony in photography like a pro

There’s more to colours in photography than just pointing and shooting. In fact, there’s a lot more. When it comes to photography, understanding how these colours work together can help you create stunning images. Consider the emotional atmosphere you want to convey in your photograph.

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Eagle at Nymph Fall Nature Park

Nymph Falls Nature Park: A Nice Photo Hike

Nymph Falls Nature Trail in Courtenay on Vancouver Island is an enjoyable hike. It offers beautiful views of the surrounding river and forest. It’s an easy walk that can be enjoyed by all ages. It’s a 10-minute walk to the waterfalls, with lots of opportunity

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