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Port Alberni Hole in the wall Vancouver Island
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Photographing the Wonders of Port Alberni Hole in the Wall.

In this post, I share everything you need to know about photographing the Port Alberni Hole in the Wall falls on Vancouver Island.
I’ll tell you how to get there, what kind of camera gear you’ll need and when is the best time of day to photograph this beautiful spot.
So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started with photography, read on for all my tips and tricks for taking amazing photos at Hole in the Wall!

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Where Is Port Alberni?

Port Alberni is on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It was originally named Alberni, after a Spanish officer, but was later renamed Port Alberni to reflect its seaport status in the early 20th century.

Today, Port Alberni remains the largest community on Vancouver Island’s West Coast and is renowned for its natural wonders, including Hole in the Wall Falls. With a wide variety of landscapes to explore, including rainforests and beaches, Port Alberni has something for everyone looking to capture beautiful photos.

What is the Hole in the Wall?

The hole is man made and was initially created to accommodate a pipeline. Despite the large pipe being removed, remnants are still there.

This area is popular among hikers, photographers and anyone who the outdoors. The Hole in the Wall’s significance lies in its popularity as a hiking trail and its spectacular views of nature.

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History of the Hole in the Wall

In reality, it was a man-made hole dug decades ago to make room for a pipeline carrying water to Port Alberni. The pipeline has long since vanished, leaving a sizable gap in the rock wall where the creek now runs, forming a pretty small cascade.

The Hole in the Wall Port Alberni

The Hole in the Wall, in Port Alberni, is a popular tourist spot for those looking to take in some of the area’s attractions. It’s a 1.3 kilometre trail suitable for all ages and abilities, ending at a beautiful waterfall.

Visitors can enjoy views of nature while taking photos that capture the beauty of this special place. It’s a brilliant spot to explore and marvel at mother nature’s wonders.

How to Find the Trail Head

Before we begin, I know of 2 different trailheads that lead to Hole In The Wall. Both are very easy to hike.

The 1st one is on the highway, just up/down from Coombs Country Candy Store (The store is not near Coombs BC) . It is however same parking area we use to go to Stokes Falls Port Alberni.  Parking is in short supply. There may be room for 4 of 5 vehicles to park. Over flow parking is on the highway.

Second trailhead is on Sherwood Rd. which is about another 5 minutes away. Again limited parking. Walk around the gate and stay on the road. You will find the trail well marked.

The Trail to Port Alberni Hole in the Wall

The trails at Port Alberni Hole in the Wall are known for their scenic beauty and diverse terrain. The area is home to a network of trails that offer something for hikers of all levels, from easy, flat trails suitable for families with young children, to more challenging trails that climb steeply through the forest and offer breathtaking views.

Overall, the trails are well-maintained from leisurely strolls through the forest to more challenging hikes that provide a workout and splendid views.

Port Alberni Hole in the Wall Vancouver Island

Parking for The Hole in the Wall Port Alberni

Parking is limited and sometimes difficult to find. Often time you will find people parking over by the Coombs candy store. This can be dangerous, as you must cross a busy highway. Truly, the only way to insure you’re going to get a parking spot is to be there early or use the 2nd parking spot / trail I suggested in the previous paragraph.

Visiting The Hole in the Wall

Port Alberni’s Hole in the Wall is an impressive formation. It a large hole carved into the rock, with a viewing platform on the opposite side.

The hike to the hole offers spectacular views and is an ideal spot for nature and photographer. Photographers can also capture stunning images of this wonder with stunning colours and details that will last forever.

Privately Owned Land

I’m guessing that Mosaic Forest Management owns the land and access to any hiking routes is through their private grounds, whether you enter through the gate or the forest. Pack out everything you brought on your hike and respect the land. Do not block access to the roads. IE do not park in front of the gate.

How to get to Port Alberni Hole in the Wall and trailhead?

  • Depending if you are coming from North Vancouver Island of South you are going to take highway 19 to highway 4 (Alberni Highway. )
  • Pass by Cameron Lake and MacMillan Provincial Park
  • About 1/2 down the long hill to Port Alberni you will see the 1st parking spot for Hole in the wall.
  • If you go see Coombs Candy Store, you gone to far. Yes, you can turn around at the store but you will have to go through the parking lot and down the street
  • OR
  • You can continue on the the 2nd location.
  • Go straight at the tourism center (Stay Left)
  • Turn left onto Dundalk Ave S.
  • Turn left onto Sherwood Rd by Ave Automotive
  • Stop at the yellow gate.

Map to Port Alberni Hole In The Wall Vancouver island

Tips for photographing Port Alberni Hole in the Wall

What type of camera and equipment should I bring when shooting?

  1. Research the location: Do a Google image search. Ask yourself what would be the best times of day to photograph the waterfall? Will the lighting be right?
  2. Pack the right equipment: Besides a good DSLR or mirrorless camera, use a tripod, for longer exposures capturing the movement of the water. Consider bringing a polarizing filter, as it can help reduce reflections and enhance the colours in the water.
  3. Dress appropriately: Wear hiking boots with good traction and bring a rain jacket or umbrella in case of inclement weather.
  4. Protect your equipment: If you’ll be getting close to the waterfall, be sure to bring a waterproof camera bag or cover to protect your equipment from mist and spray.
  5. I hope these suggestions help you prepare for your photography adventure at Hole in the Wall in Port Alberni!
  6. For more information on how to photography waterfalls, check out our full guide.

Final thoughts about Port Alberni Hole In The Wall

Port Alberni Hole in the Wall is an incredible spot for hikers and anyone wanting a day out with their camera. With a little preparation and research, you can capture some truly stunning shots. So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and head to Port Alberni Hole in the Wall today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Port Alberni’s Hole in the Wall is a symbol of the transition between the old and new industrial ages.
It was created when a large pipe was removed. Creating an opening that allows for visitors to view the beautiful waterfall and picturesque surroundings. The significance of this hole lies in its connection to Port Alberni’s history, linking it with both an older time and the modernization of industry.
Photographing this unique landmark can capture not only its physical beauty but also its historical representation.

The hike to Port Alberni Hole is a 3 km out-and-back walk. Popular among hikers and bikers, visitors are welcome to bring their leashed dogs along for the journey.

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