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Luminar Neo Upscale AI: How it Works, and Best Results

Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI can transform your photos like magic, making you the wizard behind the scenes. Its cutting-edge technology allows you to increase the size along with the quality and details.

Imagine taking a fantastic shot but after cropping the photo is too small to print. Why not give it a growth spurt? Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI precisely achieves that. No matter if you’re printing your photos, or just display them online, this tool ensures that your images never lose their enchanting allure, even when upscaled.

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What is upscaling, and why do we care?

Upscaling a photo refers to the process of increasing the size, resolution, and overall quality of an image. It’s taking a picture and making it larger while maintaining or even improving its clarity and sharpness. This is helpful when you have a small or low-detail image and want to print or display it on larger screens, or enhance its visual quality.In the world of photography, upscaling helps you bring out finer textures and elements that might not have been clearly visible in the original shot. It’s a powerful tool to make your photos look more impressive and captivating.

What is Luminar Neo Upscale AI?

Experience the incredible power of Luminar Neo Upscale AI, the ultimate image enlarging tool that takes your low-resolution photos to astonishing new heights. Think of it as a personal assistant, taking your old photos and not just enlarging them, but enhancing them to produce high-quality results. Don’t worry about it changing your original images – it creates a separate, improved copy. The software uses its own AI to fill in missing details rather than borrowing from other images, keeping your photos genuinely yours.
  • Bring dull, low-res photos back to life
  • Enhance heavily cropped pictures or drone shots
  • Maintain texture and edge details during enlargement
  • Boost your photo’s size up to 600%

Best Results with Luminar Neo Upscale AI

1. Image Quality Enhancements

Image quality enhancements, like those made possible with Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI, revamp your photos to deliver an exceptional level of clarity and detail. For instance, imagine zooming in on a distant wildlife subject while maintaining a crisp and vibrant image.

Here are the top features of Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI that boost image quality:

  • AI Upscaling: Magnifies photos up to 6X while preserving natural resolution.
  • Pattern and Texture Analysis: The AI intelligently fills in missing details, preserving artistry.
  • Preprocessing Adjustments: Essentials to prepare your image for enlargement, like refining composition and resolution.

With Upscale AI, transform your photos into stunning artworks without compromising on quality.

2. Improved Detail Preservation

With Luminar Neo Upscale AI, you can not only revive small photos but also preserve details when cropping a portion of a larger picture. Here’s how to make the most out of it:

  • First, select your image and open it in the Luminar Neo software.
  • From the Catalog tab, navigate to the Upscale AI tool.
  • Start to gradually enhance the resolution of your image. Watch as your image springs back to life with more detail.

Pro-tip: I always adjust the contrast and brightness after using the Upscale AI tool to retain the original feel of your photo.

3. Improved Color Saturation in editing

Luminar Neo’s UpScale AI tool works wonders in enhancing your images’ resolution and colour saturation. Have you ever had a dull photo? Use UpScale AI and watch as it not only sharpens details but dramatically boosts colour saturation, brightening and enriching hues for a vivid image. No extra efforts, the tool takes care of everything, leaving you with stunning, high-resolution, colour-saturated photographs every time.

5. Reduced Blurring

Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI cleverly reduces blur in images by enhancing the overall resolution in a natural way. Imagine you took a cool photo, but it turned out a bit blurry AKA soft. No worries, Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI comes to the rescue. It works like magic, making your picture clearer and sharper in a really natural-looking manner. Say goodbye to blurriness, and hello to photos that pop.

Pro-tip: This tool resuscitates smaller, low-resolution photos particularly well. If you’re looking to pinpoint detail in a specific part of your photo, Upscale AI retains it effortlessly!

5. Improved Dynamic Range

Dynamic range is simply the measure of the range of light levels a camera can capture. Here’s how Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI enhances it:

  • It uses advanced tech slider controls to fine-tune parameters like brilliance, warmth, and balance.
  • It boosts the images’ tonal contrast using six unique controls across highlights, mid-tones, and shadows.
  • It smartly scales up your photo up to 6 times, thus enhancing resolution and detailing.
  • Use this tool when photographing distant subjects in wildlife to zoom in and enhance picture quality, and improving dynamic range.

6. Reduction of Artifacts

Artifacts in digital imagery are essentially unwanted distortions that can degrade the quality of your photos. With Luminar Neo Upscale AI, you say goodbye to these annoying intruders. As its name suggests, Upscale AI utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance the resolution of your images naturally. It cleverly works to reduce artifacts, rendering your photos crisp and clear.

How Luminar Neo Upscale AI Works

Luminar Neo Upscale AI: How it Works, and Best Results Luminar Neo Upscale AI: How it Works, and Best Results

How to Use the Upscale AI Extension to upscale your images

The Upscale AI Extension boosts image resolution naturally, even for non-raw files, with upscaling up to 6X. Here’s how to make your photos ready for display:

  • Begin by selecting your image from your Catalog.
  • Drag this image to the AI Upscale Extension on the right side of the screen.
  • Choose the upscaling size: twice (2X), four times (4X) or six times (6X) the initial size.
  • Wait for a moment to get a new, upscaled image in an Upscale folder on your computer.

Expert tips: This tool can’t create images with an edge exceeding 32,000 pixels. The 2X and 4X options often produce the most realistic results. Be mindful of the minimum input size (257 pixels x 257 pixels) and maximum input size (16,000 pixels on the longest side).

Pros and Cons of Luminar Neo Upscale AI

1. Increased Quality of Images

The Luminar Neo Upscale AI is a breakthrough for photo editing, significantly enhancing image quality.


  • Dramatically increases resolution up to 6x, perfect for cropping or zooming into a distant subject.
  • Utilizes AI to retain image details, giving a natural look to the enhanced photo.
  • Resuscitates smaller, low-resolution photos effectively.
  • Ideal for drone photographers and those working with older, lower resolution images.


  • Possibly unnecessary for ultra-high resolution photos.
  • Slow at times upscaling.

For instance, wildlife photographers can now capture distant subjects by employing this tool for sharper, high-resolution photos. The AI-based upscaled image enriches each shot, ensuring unparalleled image quality.

2. Improved Detail Reproduction

Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI is extremely effective in recreating details, making it a super tool for photographers. Whether you’re dealing with high-resolution shots of the Milky Way or trying to breathe new life into low-res images. Here’s why:

  • It effectively doubles the photo size while preserving minute details. Whether viewed at 33%, 50% or even 100%, the results remain impressive.
  • Even with slight shifts in contrast or brightness during enlargement, a minor adjustment in your settings can restore the balance.
  • The ability to maintain detail while cropping a specific area of a larger photo comes handy.
  • Upscaling images up to 400% near flawlessly, this tool amazes with near-indistinguishable results from the original.

Tip: If the image enlargement throws off the aesthetics slightly, tweak the contrast or brightness to achieve a desired look. It’s usually a small price to pay for enlargement detail.

3. Artificial Intelligence Upscaling Technology

Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI is an AI-based extension that enhances the quality of your images naturally through upscaling. It magnifies your photos up to 6x by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, ensuring crisp and clear images.

Top Features of Upscale AI:

  • Uses AI to upscale images by up to 400% with comparable quality to the original.
  • Allows you to perfect compositions within your frame by cropping and enhancing it 6x.
  • Ensures your upscaled images are print-ready.
  • Straightforward usage with a simple select, drag, and upscale interface.
  • Maximizes image optimization without exceeding an edge limit of 32,000 pixels.

Pros of using Upscale AI:

  1. Delivers a significant improvement in image quality.
  2. Ability to crop and magnify specific sections of a photograph.
  3. Print-worthy results every time.
  4. Simple and intuitive to use.
  5. Great for enhancing old or low-res photos.

Cons of using Upscale AI:

  1. Limitation on the image size upscaling, it cannot exceed 32,000 pixels.
  2. Potential for an oil-painting-like effect with intense upscaling.
  3. Raw files can only be enlarged to a maximum of 400%.
  4. Requires a bit of trial and error to understand the effectiveness of upscaling.
  5. May not be as useful for ultra-high-resolution images.

Example of Luminar Neo Upscale AI

4. Clarity and Sharpness Enhancement

With Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI, you can take your photo’s sharpness and clarity to the next level. This feature harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the resolution and details of your images.


  • Enhanced Image Resolution. Upscale AI significantly improves image resolution, unveiling fine details that may have been overlooked in the original shot.
  • Natural Enhancement. The AI technology ensures the enhancement feels natural, devoid of any forced or artificial touch.
  • Tackles Motion Blur. The feature effectively addresses issues of motion blur, leading to more focused and crisper images.


  • Resource-Intensive. As with any AI-based process, Upscale AI can be quite resource-consuming and may require robust technical specs for smooth operation.

Remember, every tool has its strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to take these into account when editing your photos with Upscale AI.

5. Batch Processing and Plugin Support

Luminar Neo Upscale AI’s batch processing feature allows for the simultaneous editing of multiple images, saving you time and effort. Its plugin support enables seamless integration with software like Photoshop, Lightroom, and ApplePhotos®.


  • Batch editing saves valuable time
  • Easy integration with popular photo editing tools


  • Requires a high-performance processor for optimal use
  • May pose difficulties for users with older computers.

6. Photos Quality and Upscaling Quality Control

Image quality and upscaling quality control are vital features of Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI, significantly enhancing your photos. They ensure your images don’t lose precision and texture when enlarged.


  • Upscale AI can enlarge the image by 400% without deviating from the original content.
  • It does an exceptional job of upscaling while preserving a level of quality comparable to the original image.
  • It can process picture jumping up to 6X, transforming non-raw files naturally.
  • The detailed texture of a finely-detailed photo is preserved after upscaling.
  • For tight compositions, you can crop in without losing detail in the upscaled portions.


  • Detail slightly obscured, producing an oil-painting-like effect when closely inspected.
  • Upscaling may result in slight shifts in contrast and brightness, needing adjustment.
  • With 16000 pixels across, the extent of enlargement is capped.
  • Upscale AI cannot create images with an edge exceeding 32000 pixels.
  • It requires a high-quality starting point; the tool might not dramatically transform all images.

Final thoughts on Luminar Neo UpScale AI

As you embark on your journey with Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI, you’re opening the door to a world of endless creativity and visuals. Remember, you’re not just editing photos, you’re crafting a story. Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI, along with its arsenal of tools, empowers you to transform ordinary shots into extraordinary tales.

Whether you’re a novice capturing or a seasoned pro Upscale, AI helps you create photos that impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Luminar Neo, the Upscale AI feature is located in the Catalog, on the right-hand side. This AI-powered tool allows you to upscale and enhance images while maintaining quality and critical details.

Luminar Neo Upscale AI is an image enlargement software developed by Skylum. It uses artificial intelligence to increase photo size while maintaining and improving their details. It’s optimal for old low-resolution photos, cropped images, drone photos, and is well embedded in the Luminar Neo workflow.

Luminar Neo’s Upscale AI is an innovative tool by Skylum that uses artificial intelligence to enlarge images without losing details. The result is high-quality photos that maintain the original texture and clarity. It’s especially efficient for reviving low-resolution or heavily cropped photos.

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