Who Said Photography

Who Said Photography

Capturing the Beauty and Diversity of Vancouver Island Through the Lens.

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Capturing the Beauty and Diversity of Vancouver Island Through the Lens

African Zebras at watering hole at sunset


African Safari

Embark on a Journey to the Heart of Africa, Where Wildlife and Scenery Come to Life Through the Viewfinder

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Follow along As I travel Vancouver Island

Experience the Joy of Exploring and Capturing the Wonders of Vancouver Island as You Travel and Pursue Your Passion for Photography


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Bob Wild

Through photography, I have met fantastic people, experience amazing things, and have gone go to places I never imagined. I wish everyone could experience the wonderful world of photography and produce something they can be proud of.
I am extremely enthusiastic about Digital Art, photography and life. My goal for this website is both educational and informative.

To your success in your photographic journey.

“To become a more interesting photographer, become a more interesting person.”

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