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Who am I?
Well… I’m most likely just like you, I have a affection for all things photography. Want to talk gear, styles, fine art, or even film I don’t know it all, but I love the topics and willing to listen and learn. Like you I see in 4×6 or 16×9. Yes I have a passion for landscapes, waterfalls, nature and I’m sure you’ll agree 16×9 is my preferred size. I also have a kick-ass passion for HDR, it’s my preferred style when shooting landscape. 

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Why the Name "WHo said"

It really is quite simple, the name came by accident. I and a few other photo-buffs were sitting in a small town pub after a morning shoot. In another corner of the pub I over heard several patrons talking shop, and they mentioned the word, “photography.” I turned my attention to them and quickly blurted out, “Who Said Photography”  We had a good chuckle, and met some great people that day who like us had an interest in the art of photography.

So if you in a pub or anywhere else, and you mention the word  “photography”. Ya may just hear me say “Who Said Photography.”  You never know, it could happen.


Who Said:



Let's be friends...

Have a burning question send it to me. Just be aware I maybe out shooting so it could be a while before I get back to you.

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