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Stocking creek waterfall Vancouver Island
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Photographing Stocking Creek Waterfall Vancouver Island

Stocking Creek Waterfall is a scenic waterfall here on Vancouver Island. Surrounded by forested and only a short stroll from the parking lot. Inundated by greenery and a rocky canyon, this area provides a picturesque setting for hikers and photographers. Stocking Creek is a popular destination for those seeking a peaceful walk amid a beautiful setting, including a beautiful waterfall.

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About Stocking Creek Waterfall?

Stocking Creek Waterfall is a 2.5 km long loop trail. It boasts a plethora of trails and a staircase leading to a platform with a view of the waterfall.

It is popular for anyone wanting to get back to nature. The falls provide an ideal backdrop for capturing nature photos.

Stocking Creek Waterfall is popular among photographers for its scenic beauty and easy access. The falls provide an ideal backdrop for capturing nature photos, and it easily accessible for tourists visiting Vancouver Island.

Stocking Creek Trail reviews

Stocking Creek Park is a popular hiking, running and walking trail near Saltair BC. Its 2.4 km trails is considered an easy route. The trail takes 33 min on average to finish and offers some solitude during quieter times of day.

Stocking Creek Falls a rainforest experience

Stocking Creek Falls is in the Cowichan Valley region of Vancouver Island. It is a short trail 2.4 Klm trails that follows the Stocking Creek as it makes its way towards its waterfalls. The trail offers scenic views of the forest and wildlife, such as American dippers nesting near the waterfall.

Stocking Creek Falls like other waterfalls in British Columbia, such as Christie Falls Ladysmith and Mills Bay stone bridge. Are popular tourist attractions that offer spectacular views of nature, along with easy access for hiking or photography.

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How to get to Stocking Creek Waterfall and where to park?

Accessing Stocking Creek Waterfall from Fintch Place

Longer walk

  • Stay on the Trans-Canada till you reach Chemainus Rd.
  • Once on Chemainus Rd, travel 2.5 Km to Gait Rd and follow Gait rd till the end.
  • Go left onto Finch Place for .75 Km to the end.
  • Overflow Parking is on the curb

Accessing Stocking Creek Waterfall from Thicke Rd.

Shorter walk

There is a trick to this on – don’t get lost like I did

  • From the Trans-Canada you will want to take Chemainus DR
  • Stay on Chemainus Rd, till Thicke Rd
  • Thick Rd looks like someone’s driveway, It’s not. It is a is a gravel road
  • Look for a what I would call a small apartment building by it’s self – Square house
  • Take Thicke Rd to the yellow gate.
  • This parking lot can become full as it only holds about 5 cars.

Stocking Creek waterfall trail map

Follow the trail

  • From the Thicke Road parking lot, head north on Kon Trail.
  • Cross the bridge then take the right and follow the creek
  • Stay on Kon trail till you cross Huckleberry Trail.
  • You will reach a “Y: intersection take the trail on the right which will lead you to the viewing platform.
  • This hike should take you no longer than 10 minutes.

Or! You could stay to the right. Don’t cross the bridge. This will lead you to the falls. However, you must climb down the embankment to get to the creek.

Wear proper clothing and shoes

Anytime you’re hiking, I recommended wearing hiking boots or light cross trainers. Also bring a jacket or sweater warmth, as well as a water-resistant jacket, as we live in a rainy area.

Know your limits before heading out

Can I do this hike? Yes, but know your limits.

Where should I park? There is plenty of parking available at the trailhead near the waterfall.

What should I bring? Have plenty of water, snacks if needed, proper footwear/clothing for changing weather, and any other essentials you think are necessary for your safety.

Let someone know where you’re going. Ensure all members of your group stay together – don’t split up! Also remember wild animals are in them-there woods. I cannot tell you how many times I saw a bear where I wouldn’t have expected.

Enjoy your time at Stocking Creek Waterfall

When visiting Stocking Creek Waterfall, visitors can expect to be surrounded by the lush forest and scenic views of the waterfall. The waterfall itself is a beautiful sight, with its rushing water and lush greenery surrounding it.

Stocking Creek Waterfall is approximately 2.4 km from the Finch RD trailhead. It’s easy to find as there are signs leading visitors in the right direction throughout the trail.

Stocking Creek waterfalls Below the falls

What equipment do you need to photograph Stocking Creek Waterfall?

1. A DSLR or mirrorless camera

To photograph Stocking Creek Waterfall, a DSLR or mirrorless camera is required. This type of camera has a large sensor and interchangeable lenses, which helps to capture high-quality images with rich detail and sharpness. It also allows for more creative freedom in choosing your focal point and shooting angles. Having the ability to change lenses allows you to adjust your composition based on the location and conditions of the scene.

2. Lens

I never-ever leave home without a wide angle and telephoto lenses. Both lenses that can be used when photograph Stocking Creek Waterfall. Wide-angle lenses provide a wider field of view and allow you to capture more of the landscape in one shot, while telephoto lenses have greater magnification capabilities and allow you to zoom in on the details of the falls.

If you want to capture the entire waterfall in one shot, then a wide-angle lens would be best.

3. Tripod

There is ample room to use a tripod at Stocking Creek Waterfall. When photographing waterfalls, you’ll want to get that silky-smooth look, which requires a longer shutter speed. To ensure that the camera remains steady and prevents blurry photos, this is where the tripod is king.

A good reliable tripod it should be sturdy enough to support the weight of your camera and lens, have adjustable legs for different heights, and have a quick-release plate for easy attachment/detachment of the camera. The tripod should also have an adjustable pan head or ball head for smooth maneuvering when framing shots.

4. UV and polarize lens filters

A UV filter is a transparent piece of glass that attaches to the front of the lens to protect it from scratches and other damage.

I highly suggest you use a UV filter to protect your lens from damage when in the woods IE tree branches. Plus, a polarizer will help decrease reflections from wet objects surrounding the water at the bottom of the falls.

When is the best time to photograph Stocking Creek Waterfall?

I prefer photographing Stocking Creek Waterfall during the spring months, as well as late winter. These are the months with the most rain, so visiting waterfalls during this time will guarantee a heavy and dramatic flow of water.

Stocking Creek waterfall

Other great hiking places in the area

Ammonite Falls is a popular hiking destination near Nanaimo, British Columbia. Named for the fossilized ammonite shells found in the area. The falls themselves are quite picturesque, with water cascading down a rocky cliff face into a pool below. There is now a viewing platform above the falls.

Mills Creek Bay Stone Bridge: This historic stone bridge was built in the 1800s using local stones from nearby creeks and rivers; it provides a picturesque view from its location along the Mills Creek Trail Loop Trailhead.

Final thoughts on Stocking creek waterfall

Stocking Creek Waterfalls is a scenic waterfall on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It is surrounded by dense vegetation. In this 10 acre park, the falls are just one of the many attractions.

The park has well-kept pathways that mostly follow the creek’s course. Stairs with railings are present where the elevation varies. Along the trails, you’ll see a variety of tree species and other flora like salal, salmonberry, red huckleberry, and Oregon grape.

If you’re lucky, you might see an owl or two quietly resting on a branch of a maple tree.

Stocking Creek Waterfalls is popular with hikers and nature lovers who come to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and beautiful scenery it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hike to the Stocking Creek Waterfall is approximately 2.8 kilometers long.

Stocking Creek is a short and easy hike leading to a beautiful little waterfall. Along the way, you can expect to see typical forest plants such as sword ferns, lady ferns, salmonberries and western red cedars.

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